Use Cisco Switch Selector to Find the Right Switch for Your Network

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Cisco switches family becomes bigger and bigger. There are at least 7 series in Catalyst family, such as Catalyst 3850, Catalyst 9300, Catalyst 9500, etc.

How to find the right one to meet our need?

Today, we’d like to introduce you a tool from, the Switch Selector.

To have a try, please click this image:

This switch selector provides 8 options, like switch brands, switch management, ports count, uplink, etc.

Take an example, we now want to find a switch that provides 24 PoE ports, LAN base and stackable function.

Just check the options:

We can find there are 23 models meeting our need. Now we can only make a choice in these switches. Want a cheaper one? We can select the Catalyst 2960+ models. Want a more powerful one? Select the Catalyst 3850+ models!

Try NOW!

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