Intel or AMD? 10 Tips Help You Choose CPU

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As we all know, the current world’s processor giants are Intel and AMD. The overall gap between the two is not big, but AMD still ranks behind Intel with a weak gap. Then, when we choose CPU, which one is stable?

In this article, I will share you 10 tips to help you choose the right CPU.

1.Intel or AMD?

This may be the first problem that most users encounter when installing CPUs. As far as the current product line layout is concerned, both Intel and AMD have launched a variety of applications from entry to flagship for users with different needs.

In addition to our familiar Core i3/i5/i7 series, Intel also launched the Pentium and Celeron series for entry-level platforms and the Core Extreme series for high-end users.

AMD’s product line in the past two years has also increased significantly. In addition to the APU series with its own core, this year AMD also launched the Ryzen 3/5/7 for mainstream people and the Ryzen Threadripper series for high-end users.

In other words, in the process of purchasing the CPU, no matter which manufacturer’s product is selected, there is a model that can meet the demand, and it is not too tangled.

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2.The more the number of cores, the better?

This is a usual question. The more the number of cores of the CPU, the stronger its performance, but it cannot be generalized. For a processor, in addition to the number of cores, important parameters include whether to support Hyper-Threading Technology, default frequency, maximum core frequency, and whether to support overclocking. For example, a native six-core and six-thread processor of the same manufacturer, even at the same main frequency, performance is not necessarily stronger than the same series of quad-core and eight-threaded products.

Therefore, in the process of purchasing a processor, it is unscientific to judge the quality of a CPU only by the number of cores. It should be noted that due to the different architectures of the products, Intel and AMD are different for the processor’s main frequency standard and cannot be directly used for horizontal comparison.

3.More expensive the CPU is, the better?

Although the overall price of the CPU is higher, the overall performance is better, but because of the competitive relationship in the CPU market, Intel and AMD continue to launch new products for competing products, especially for AMD, the price is an important advantage.

In addition, even products of the same brand may have lower prices and better performance due to different product positioning and promotion strategies.

At the same time, it needs to be determined in combination with user needs. For example, some entry-level light game players who choose APU products will get better experience than the FX series products of the same price.

4.Which is the first step, choose CPU or choose motherboard when DIY a computer?

Regarding this issue, it is still relatively easy to answer. In general, the CPU must be selected first, because different CPUs need to be matched with motherboards with different chipset. In the actual operation process, we have to have a rough budget ratio, before planning the hardware to roughly plan the budget of the CPU and motherboard, graphics card, storage and other equipment, if the CPU + motherboard With a budget of $500 or more, you can choose the i7+Z270 or the combination of Ryzen 5/7 and X370.

After confirming the budget of the CPU+ motherboard, the corresponding products are reasonably selected according to the specific product model. For example, the CPU+ motherboard has a budget of only $3500, so choose i5 with B250 motherboard or Ryzen 5 low-end model with B350 motherboard.

5.Only for playing games, shall I need to choose a CPU with K?

Many players who don’t know the CPU will think that Intel’s CPU model with K only means that the product supports overclocking, but for the average player, it will not toss the CPU overclocking, so there is no need to buy a CPU with K. The idea is very one-sided. Guys who are familiar with Intel Core products know that Intel’s recent “K” series products, in addition to supporting overclocking, are also much higher in default frequency and core frequency than products without K.

For gamers, in the case of the same CPU thread, the higher frequency will often bring higher game frames, while the current i7-7700 and i7-7700K price difference is less than $3, but the two The highest frequency is 4.2GHz and 4.5GHz, and the gap is still very obvious.

6.Shall I need to buy new series of CPU, not the old series?

For the electronics market, there has always been a saying of “buy new and not buy old” because new products often represent more technology and functions. From the perspective of the CPU industry, although some new technologies cannot be directly reflected in the CPU. However, it can add some new interfaces and functions to the motherboard corresponding to the new product, such as USB 3.1, high-speed M.2, DDR4 memory, etc. If you use the CPU a few years ago, then these functions are no way in the old motherboard.

However, many functions are just “looking beautiful”. For the average user, many new functions are not used at all, and the new CPU often represents a multi-growth price and a tepid performance improvement, so the budget is limited. For users, there is no need to choose the latest CPU products. Sometimes, the previous generation or even the previous two generations of CPUs can still get a good experience. However, when the CPU manufacturer architecture is greatly upgraded, it is still possible to consider chasing new products after the price is stable.

7. Intel Xeon E3 series CPU is the price of i5, the performance of i7?

A few years ago, the E3 1230-v2 and subsequent products did provide a cost-effective gaming solution for some DIY players, but with Intel’s standardized management of the server CPU, the latest E3 series CPUs can no longer use the general motherboard. To run, you have to match a few specific products.

The price advantage of these motherboards and CPUs is not obvious. At the same time, the E3 series processors have lower clock speeds, and they are gradually unable to meet the high frequency requirements of large games. Therefore, the cost performance of the E3 series CPUs has been exhausted, so New users are not recommended to choose the E3 processor to install.

8.AMD Ryzen 7 is better than Ryzen 5 in terms of parameters, so it is more suitable for playing games?

At present, most games are not optimized for CPUs with more than eight threads, so many CPUs with sixteen threads are not necessarily better than eight-threaded CPUs. In the case of the same budget, instead of pursuing more threaded CPUs, it is better to use the budget to improve graphics performance. For some people who rely more on CPU computing power, they need to pay more attention to the core and number of CPUs. More CPU threads may help you get twice the result with half the effort.

9.Now buy a flagship CPU, can stick to more than 5 years?

Some players like to have a step in place when they choose the CPU. For example, I bought an i7-2600K 5 years ago, and I still can handle all kinds of new games. However, from this year on, we can see that both Intel and AMD have accelerated the development speed of new products. A CPU battle for 5 years may become history.

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Recently, whether it is a graphics card or a CPU, the speed of the change is obviously accelerated, and the performance of the new product is also much stronger than that of the previous generation. Therefore, according to the current DIY market environment, it is not recommended to choose the flagship product to be more valuable. On the one hand, because the current flagship product prices are not low, from 3,000 to tens of thousands, the budget for most installed users is a big challenge;

On the other hand, even if you choose the flagship product, you may not be able to keep it for many years. Instead of choosing a flagship CPU for five years, you might as well choose a mainstream CPU, and then change the platform after two or three years. Affordable.

10.CPU should buy a box or a piece?

Because the CPU is extremely difficult to manufacture, there is no problem of fake or high imitation. Under normal circumstances, the biggest difference between the boxed pieces is the warranty. The genuine boxed CPU is officially guaranteed for three years, and the fragment is often only one-year warranty from the store. In addition, some models of boxed CPU may also be accompanied by the original radiator, so that the difference between the boxed and the fragment of the same product reaches one or two hundred dollars, and the difference between some popular high-end products may be higher.

For users who buy old CPUs, I prefer to buy boxes, because the price of the old box is very reasonable, and the film may encounter the situation of used U, which exists during use. Certain risks. Friends who like to chase new and know more about hardware can consider buying a piece of film to get the biggest price advantage.

After reading these ten CPU purchase questions, have you got a new understanding of the CPU purchase? Leave your comment.

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