How to Choose DNA Licenses for Cisco Catalyst 9200 and 9500 Switches?

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Recently, Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches are hotter than their old brother, like Catalyst 3850, Catalyst 2960X and so on. In the 9000 family, Catalyst 9200 series is going to replace the Catalyst 2960X/XR and Catalyst 9500 will be the replacement of those C3850 10G models.

More and more customers like to choose 9000 switches to build a more powerful network now. In the meantime, Cisco DNA services also become important.

Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) is customers team’s bridge to an intent-based network. It is an open, extensible, software-driven architecture that accelerates and simplifies enterprise network operations while lowering costs and reducing risk. Only Cisco provides a single-network fabric that is powered by deep intelligence and integrated security to deliver automation and assurance across your entire network organization at scale. Cisco DNA gives IT time back from time-consuming, repetitive network configuration tasks so you can focus on the innovation your business needs.

Cisco DNA Software subscriptions provide customers with four key benefits:

  • Investment protection of software purchases through software services-enabled license portability
  • Software suites that address typical customer use-case scenarios at an attractive price
  • Flexible licensing models to smoothly distribute customer’s software spending over time
  • Access to new technology from Cisco

Now it’s time to share customers the lists of the DNA Licenses for Catalyst 9200 and 9500 Switches.

Table 1. DNA Licenses for Catalyst 9200 Switches

Base Options
Switch Models Supported License
C9200-24T-A C9200-DNA-A-24-3Y
C9200-24T-E C9200-DNA-E-24-3Y
C9200-24P-A C9200-DNA-A-24-3Y
C9200-24P-E C9200-DNA-E-24-3Y
C9200-48T-A C9200-DNA-A-48-3Y=
C9200-48T-E C9200-DNA-E-48-3Y
C9200-48P-A C9200-DNA-A-48-3Y=
C9200-48P-E C9200-DNA-E-48-3Y
C9200L-24T-4G-A C9200L-DNA-A-24-3Y=
C9200L-24T-4G-E C9200L-DNA-E-24-3Y
C9200L-24P-4G-A C9200L-DNA-A-24-3Y=
C9200L-24P-4G-E C9200L-DNA-E-24-3Y
C9200L-48T-4G-A C9200L-DNA-A-48-3Y=
C9200L-48T-4G-E C9200L-DNA-E-48-3Y
C9200L-48P-4G-A C9200L-DNA-A-48-3Y=
C9200L-48P-4G-E C9200L-DNA-E-48-3Y
C9200L-24T-4X-A C9200L-DNA-A-24-3Y=
C9200L-24T-4X-E C9200L-DNA-P-24-3Y
C9200L-24P-4X-A C9200L-DNA-A-24-3Y=
C9200L-24P-4X-E C9200L-DNA-E-24-3Y
C9200L-48T-4X-A C9200L-DNA-A-48-3Y=
C9200L-48T-4X-E C9200L-DNA-E-48-3Y
C9200L-48P-4X-A C9200L-DNA-A-48-3Y=
C9200L-48P-4X-E C9200L-DNA-E-48-3Y
More Options
C9200 DNA Licenses C9200L DNA Licenses
C9200-DNA-P-24-3Y C9200L-DNA-P-24-3Y
C9200-DNA-P-24-5Y C9200L-DNA-P-24-5Y
C9200-DNA-P-24-7Y C9200L-DNA-P-24-7Y
C9200-DNA-P-48-3Y C9200L-DNA-P-48-3Y
C9200-DNA-P-48-5Y C9200L-DNA-P-48-5Y
C9200-DNA-P-48-7Y C9200L-DNA-P-48-7Y
C9200-DNA-E-24-3Y C9200L-DNA-E-24-3Y
C9200-DNA-E-24-5Y C9200L-DNA-E-24-5Y
C9200-DNA-E-24-7Y C9200L-DNA-E-24-7Y
C9200-DNA-E-48-3Y C9200L-DNA-E-48-3Y
C9200-DNA-E-48-5Y C9200L-DNA-E-48-5Y
C9200-DNA-E-48-7Y C9200L-DNA-E-48-7Y
C9200-DNA-A-24-3Y C9200L-DNA-A-24-3Y=
C9200-DNA-A-24-5Y= C9200L-DNA-A-24-5Y=
C9200-DNA-A-24-7Y= C9200L-DNA-A-24-7Y=
C9200-DNA-A-48-3Y= C9200L-DNA-A-48-3Y=
C9200-DNA-A-48-5Y= C9200L-DNA-A-48-5Y=
C9200-DNA-A-48-7Y= C9200L-DNA-A-48-7Y=

Table 2. DNA Licenses for Catalyst 9500 Switches

Base Options
Switch Models Supported License
C9500-12Q-A C9500-DNA-L-A-3Y
C9500-12Q-E C9500-DNA-L-E-3Y
C9500-16X-A C9500-DNA-L-A-3Y
C9500-16X-E C9500-DNA-L-E-3Y
C9500-24X-A C9500-DNA-L-A-3Y
C9500-24X-E C9500-DNA-L-E-3Y
C9500-24Q-A C9500-DNA-A-3Y
C9500-24Q-E C9500-DNA-E-3Y
C9500-24Y4C-A C9500-DNA-L-A-3Y
C9500-24Y4C-E C9500-DNA-L-E-3Y
C9500-32C-A C9500-DNA-A-3Y
C9500-32C-E C9500-DNA-E-3Y
C9500-32QC-A C9500-DNA-A-3Y
C9500-32QC-E C9500-DNA-E-3Y
C9500-40X-A C9500-DNA-A-3Y
C9500-40X-E C9500-DNA-E-3Y
C9500-40X-2Q-A C9500-DNA-A-3Y
C9500-40X-2Q-E C9500-DNA-E-3Y
C9500-48Y4C-A C9500-DNA-A-3Y
C9500-48Y4C-E C9500-DNA-E-3Y
More Options
C9500 DNA Licenses

If you feel these lists are not convenient, you can choose our license option tool in our website, Like this:

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Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series Licenses

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Cisco Catalyst 9500 Switch Datasheet.pdf

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