5 Questions of Portable WiFi Router You Need to Know

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As everyone has mobile phones or laptops, the WiFi is important for us when we’re outside. We can use public WiFi but it’s not safe to our data. So, the Portable WiFi router was invent.

You may know what the portable WiFi router is, and even want to buy one. However, before you buy, you need to answer 5 questions.

  1. What is the portable WiFi router?

The Portable WiFi router is a device that can convert the wired, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G network or the Internet connection on the computer into a WiFi signal, which can meet the network-dependent needs of business and travellers who travel on mobile offices. It’s divided into two kinds, sim card and usb for computer. It has other names, such as travel router, mobile hotspot, etc.

huawei portable WiFi router

  1. How does portable WiFi hotspot work?

Use a wired network, a wireless Internet access chip (sim card) provided by a wireless operator, or the computer’s own Internet connection as a network source, and build a WiFi hotspot sharing network on this basis. Through this set of equipment, the non-WiFi access internet connection can be expanded to a WiFi network for use by the internet terminal. Among them, the portable WiFi that only uses 2.5G, 3G, 4G or 5G as a network source is also called MiFi.

portable WiFi router

  1. What are the benefits of portable WiFi router?

The biggest benefit of portable WiFi router is portable! It provides these features:

(1) You can connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere, because the WIFI signal is on you, which is very convenient to use.

(2) The portable WIFI uses a variety of data packages provided by the operator, and the use fee is relatively low.

(3) The portable WIFI device is very small, very portable and easy to use.


(4) The portable WIFI can provide a mobile WIFI network, which can provide Internet services for one or more computers.

(5) The use of portable WIFI is very simple, and it can be used after booting. When the portable WIFI is turned on, a WIFI network will be provided for direct connection through a computer or mobile phone.

(6) The WIFI network provided by the portable WIFI can be used by itself or with colleagues, friends, and family members. This can avoid the use of public WIFI and reduce the risk of information leakage.

  1. How to use the portable WiFi router?

portable WiFi router-1

Step 1: Download and install the driver (search for “xx portable wifi” and download the driver on its official page)

Step 2: Plug the xxx portable WiFi into the USB port of the connected computer.

Step 3: A free WLAN name prompt will appear on the computer screen.

Step 4: Turn on the WiFi settings on your phone, select the name of the router, enter the password to connect the Internet.

  1. What is the best portable WiFi router?

After we know the concept, benefits and user guide, you may ask, what is the best portable WiFi router?

There are many brands of portable WiFi router in the market, such as Google, ASUS, Tp-link, Huawei, etc. Huawei 5G Mobile WiFi Router is one of the latest portable WiFi router in the market. It is just on sale from Nov 25.

There is not the best portable WiFi router. There is only the most suitable for you. Suitable size, suitable functions and suitable price.

I recommend you search this type of router at google.com, amazon.com, bestbuy.com and other famous shopping web.

If you want to buy this travel router with better quality, please contact us: sales@router-switch.com. You also can visit our online shop directly: HUAWEI 5G MOBILE WIFI E6878-870.

huawei 5g mobile wifi router

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