What is the Cisco Stackwise Virtual Technology? 6 FAQ You Need to Know!

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Do you know the Cisco Stackwise technology on the Cisco switches?

If you have used these switches, you must know the technology.

Before, we know the StackWise-480 technologies, but in this article, we will learn the new one, Cisco StackWise Virtual Technology.

  1. What is the Cisco Stackwise Virtual?

Cisco StackWise Virtual is a network system virtualization technology that pairs two switches into one virtual switch. This technology simplifies the operational efficiency because we can only control one plane to manage the stacking switches.

Through Cisco StackWise Virtual, two physical switches will be operated as a single logical virtual switch by using a 40-G or 10-G Ethernet connection.

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  1. What benefits does Cisco Stackwise Virtual Technology provide?

What’s the news and benefits of Cisco Stackwise Virtual?

Compare to old StackWise technology, this next-generation technology provides these benefits:

  • Simple: Virtualize two redundant Cisco Catalyst® switches as single logical entity in network topologies and from an operation perspective.
  • Reliable: Builds a unified control plane with Stateful Switchover (SSO) technology for nonstop business communication.
  • Scalable: Fully distributed forwarding architecture increases overall network bandwidth, resulting in improved user experience.
  • Manageable: Single management plane to operate as a single entity and integrated with Cisco APIC-EM and Cisco Prime® Infrastructure management applications.
  1. Which series support the Cisco Stackwise Virtual Technology?

There are many series of Cisco switches, and these series will support Cisco Stackwise Virtual:

  1. How to Configure Cisco StackWise Virtual

As we have Cisco switches which support Cisco StackWise Virtual, how to configure?

Table 1. Procedure of Configuring Cisco StackWise Virtual

Procedure of Configuring Cisco StackWise Virtual

  1. What is the difference between Cisco Stackwise Virtual and StackWise-480?

The StackWise-480 is an old technology of Cisco switches stacking, which needs stack cables and kits. However, the Cisco Stackwise Virtual technology greatly simplifies the access or distribution layer using high-speed back-panel StackWise ports and cables. It means when configuring the new StackWise Virtual, we don’t need to prepare stack cables, kits or other accessories to connect the switches.

  1. More tips: What is the StackWise Virtual Link (SVL)?

We also can see “SVL” in the datasheet of Catalyst 9000 series, but what it is?

In fact, the SVL is a special inter-chassis system link between two stack members in a StackWise Virtual domain. It enables extending stack fabric communication over network ports to virtualize the system. The SVL connections do not run any network protocol and remain transparent in Layer 2 and Layer 3 network topologies.

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If you have any questions about the Cisco StackWise Virtual Technology, you can read these references for more details.


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Cisco StackWise Virtual – FAQ

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