5G Video Phone ZTE Axon 11, Recording the Pace of Life Returning

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The mall opened, the hot pot barbecue was eaten, the commute to work increased, and the excitement and happiness once suspended due to the epidemic reignited again.All hope and goodness should not be missed! Previously, ZTE 5G + VR “Cloud Appreciation of Cherry Blossoms” live broadcast allows people to see the beautiful scenery of the blossoming cherry blossoms in Wuda User creativity records every day that life restarts.

Multi-dimensional advanced image strength, refresh 5G video experience

This year is the year of the 5G commercial outbreak. ZTE has been cultivating in the communications field for more than 30 years. 5G patents rank third in the world and have absolute hard core strength in the 5G field. The development of 5G has spawned the demand for large video and high-definition video. Users have increased the demand for mobile video recording performance. At the same time, the transmission, storage, and interaction of high-definition, large video and related applications have put forward higher requirements and challenges for network communication. ZTE took advantage of this opportunity to deploy a new 5G video channel and launched the 5G video mobile phone ZTE Axon 11, which exerts its strength in the two development directions of communication capabilities and video algorithms.

ZTE Axon 11 is equipped with 64 million ultra-high-definition AI four-camera, supports 4K 60fps high-definition video shooting, can easily cope with night scenes, macros, wide angles, portraits and other shooting scenes, helping users take clear and delicate high-quality photos and videos anytime, anywhere .

ZTE Axon 11 shot 120 ° proofs

For the user’s concern about the “hand-shake” of shooting video, ZTE Axon 11 uses the “two-way anti-shake” of the main camera lens + 8 million ultra-wide-angle lens combined with the gyro perception to enhance the AI algorithm, giving a satisfactory “dimensional stability” “The solution allows users to shoot meticulously and stably even when they are in motion. In large-scale shooting, wide-angle stability and distortion processing are more natural and can be used to meet the user’s desire for video creation.

It is worth mentioning that ZTE Axon 11 also has an AI video editing assistant built into the system, which allows users to integrate the captured video and photo materials in a short time to generate a filter, Short videos of transition effects and background music. With the high-speed 5G network, you can quickly upload the captured videos to WeChat Moments, Douyin, Kuaishou, Weibo and other social platforms to easily “direct” your life.

Full performance evolution at all speeds

The routine operations of visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival of 2020 did not appear. Video calls, online games and other communication methods carrying the emotions of relatives and friends relieved anxiety. However, when the activities such as cloud gathering, cloud mahjong, and cloud open black are playing well, it is inevitable that the picture will freeze or drop, which is very annoying and disappointing.

Under the optimization of the Z-Booster 2.0 AI full-scenario system engine independently developed by ZTE Axon 11, the intelligent allocation of system resources through AI algorithms allows users to get faster in multi-task scenarios such as games, videos, APP loading, file processing, etc. Smooth experience. The ZTE Axon 11 that supports 5G + Wi-Fi dual-channel acceleration not only obtains more network resources for users with superimposed network speeds, but also intelligently cuts the network and independently chooses the path with better speed. The technology fully demonstrates the user-friendly start-up conditions, easy to control immediately after use, and good network adaptability, helping users easily cope with network adaptation in various scenarios. In addition, the ZTE Axon 11 maintains the flagship machine’s thin, light and high appearance value as usual, with a thickness of only 7.9mm and a body weight of only 168g.

As the power of ZTE’s layout of the new 5G channel, ZTE Axon 11 is precise in the 5G application scenario of video, coupled with its full-speed evolution in signal stability, network adaptation and performance optimization, it will undoubtedly be The majority of users bring more surprise 5G experience. A few days ago, ZTE Axon 11 has landed on major e-commerce platforms at a true fragrance price starting at 2,699 yuan. Interested users may wish to pay attention.

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