Comprehensive Evaluation: 5G Self Shot Video of Flagship Huawei Nova 7 Pro

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With the continuous development of mobile photography technology and the maturity of 5G technology, the era of national short video has come. Nowadays, short video and vlog have become an important way of self recording and personality expression for young people around the world. At the same time, self filming has also become a life attitude for young people to show their own personality. At present, it is not only required to take a clear picture, but also to take beautiful pictures It’s all. It’s got a look.

When it comes to selfie, Nova series should be one of the most influential in the mobile phone industry. It has successively brought innovative selfie experiences such as super night scene selfie, multi person super wide angle selfie, etc. now, the new 5G selfie trend flagship Nova7 series is launched. What improvements have been made this time, and what new selfie playing methods have been brought? Now, let’s follow the perspective of Nova 7 Pro.

32 million front focus, clear range and close range

Selfie is always an endless topic in Nova series. It always brings a new innovative experience in selfie playing. As the trend flagship of the 5G mobile phone industry, Nova 7 Pro also did not disappoint people. In addition to the fully upgraded features of super night scene 3.0, video beauty, and screen circle fill light, it continued to solve the pain points of young people’s front-end selfie, bringing a new and clear auto focus + eye tracking new play method, so that young people can record more wonderful moments at any time.

In the pursuit of body thickness and volume of mobile phones, we basically bid farewell to the traditional physical zoom lens, especially the front-end lens with extremely limited space, so we can basically see that all the front-end lenses of mobile phones are fixed focus lenses, but subject to the shooting distance of fixed focus, once the focus exceeds the focus range, it becomes a major difficulty, and it is impossible to shoot more scenes.

But this time, Nova 7 Pro is to solve this pain point, so that the user’s self shot video is no longer limited to the distance limit. It is equipped with automatic focusing main camera and closed-loop motor. Even if the self shot is closer and farther, Huawei’s Nova 7 Pro can quickly and automatically focus, and the distance and distance can be shot clearly.

In the actual experience, Nova 7 Pro can take a clear and visible picture whether it is connected to the face or a long-distance selfie with a selfie bar. The auto focus function enables the characters to be in the core focus all the time to ensure the main body is clear.

In addition, thanks to the powerful CPU, NPU AI computing power and advanced human eye recognition algorithm of Kirin 985 5G SOC chip, it can not only focus on the face, but also focus on the eyes accurately.

In the actual experience, no matter where we are in the self shot picture, even at the edge, we can always keep the eye as the core of accurate focus.

In the case of double magnification of the self shot image, the eye details are still clear, and even the eyelashes and eye makeup details can be clearly seen.

It’s said that the eyes are the window of the soul, especially when taking selfie, the look of the eyes often affects the quality of the whole picture. A satisfactory selfie requires not only the clear but also the beautiful and vivid eyes. Based on AF’s eye focusing ability, Nova 7 Pro relies on Kirin 985 5G SoC chip’s powerful NPU computing power and advanced AI algorithm can beautify the eye details, making the subject’s vision more vivid.

It can be seen that even if our Miss sister doesn’t make up, she can move her position to change the angle of selfie and take a shot at will, she can also take the effect of “bringing her own beautiful pupil”, and the sample is clear and moving.

Super nightscape 3.0, front 105 ° super wide angle, real-time AI beauty upgrade

With the AF auto focus and eye focus functions that are clear in the near and far, Nova 7 Pro also comprehensively upgrades the previously highly acclaimed real-time AI beauty, super nightscape 3.0, front 105 ° super wide angle and other functions, bringing a clear and moving self shooting experience at any time and any scene.

Nova 7 Pro continues nova5 series’s super night view capability, bringing more mature super night view 3.0, making our night view selfie more pure, highlighting the main characters, making the background more detailed and the night sky more pure.

The newly upgraded night view of super portrait 3.0 brightens the skin color of the portrait, making our face more realistic and natural. In our experience, even in the dark night, it can ensure that our beautiful colleagues’ faces are bright and retain the original skin texture. It still looks so red and natural.

In addition, no matter in complex multi light source or super dark light environment, the main body’s face is still clearer, more three-dimensional, clear background, good control of image noise, more transparent and natural night scene.

It solves the clear and moving problem that can be photographed no matter in the day or at night. Nova 7 Pro also upgrades to add a 105 ° super wide angle in front, so that we can keep more background scenery when we take selfie. You can also get together with friends, want to take a picture of yourself with many people, and also can accommodate more people who are not afraid to worry about too many people.

The newly upgraded AI computing power greatly reduces the problem of image distortion during super wide angle selfie when shooting at 105 ° in front, making the human image and background display natural.
It can be seen that even if we want to accommodate more scenery and the face is placed on the edge of the viewfinder, Huawei’s Nova 7 Pro can ensure that our main body does not deform.

Front 105 ° super wide angle (nova7 Pro front lens)

Previously, it was mentioned that with the advent of the era of national short video, young people’s demand for self filming has rapidly evolved from photos to videos, followed by the increasingly obvious pain points of unclear, beautiful and incomplete self filming of videos. This time, for video self filming, especially in vlog, Nova 7 Pro not only supports 4K video selfie (EIS anti shake beauty of selfie video in 1080p mode), but also powerful autofocus main camera and eye focus algorithm.

In addition, Nova 7 Pro also supports real-time AI beauty even in dark light environment, through the screen ring fill light to improve brightness, whether in the daytime or at night, whether indoor or outdoor, can record clearly.
In view of the current popular vlog playing method, Nova 7 Pro supports front and back dual view video recording when shooting video, maintaining a clear video shooting experience before and after. When recording family life, the experience of front and back dual videos in the same frame is more warm.

5G light and thin model No.7 color deduces the beauty of light and shadow space

For a long time, Huawei Nova series has integrated high beauty value into its DNA, followed the trend and explored to meet the aesthetic needs of young people. Nova 7 series is not only an excellent entertainment flagship for young people, but also a trend symbol full of personality. It leads the trend again in the appearance design, bringing a rare lightweight body and a 7-color in line with the current trend.

First of all, the greatest experience for the author is the excellent hand feeling. This time, Huawei Nova 7 Pro adopts a 6.57 inch 19.5:9 FHD + curved screen, the front 2.5D glass + rear 3D hyperbolic glass design, and the transition of the middle frame is just right. The hand is very close to the palm, and the hand feeling is thin, and the grip feeling is more.

Of course, this foundation should still be built on a thin and light body. The Huawei nova series has always been known for its thinness. Now in the 5G era, most of the 5G mobile phones on the market are thick and heavy. The weight of almost 200g + is actually a great discount on the feel. In order to solve this problem, Huawei Nova 7 Pro first benefited from the Kirin 985’s smaller and advanced 7nm process technology, which uses more lightweight and integrated materials to continuously polish the stack of components inside the mobile phone.

Finally, the 5G mobile phone is extremely thin and light. The measured body is as thin as 7.98mm, and the weight is only about 178g.

At the back, in order to bring more colorful changes to the young people, the color 7 of the mobile phone we have obtained adopts the newly upgraded “double film and double plating” process, and the combination of two special color light effect diaphragms and multi-layer nanometer level diaphragms produces a transparent and advanced color effect.
Under the light, the same plane can also present colorful dazzling light. The overall visual effect is dreamy and smart, just like the sunlight penetrating crystal, reflecting a deeper sense of space and smart color.

No.7 color can find different color changes in different angles and environments. Each time is a unique visual experience. Even if you look for a long time, you won’t feel tired. It highlights the low-key but high-quality pursuit of young people. In a word, it is difficult to define this kind of magical and vivid fairy color with specific color or even an accurate word.

Rear 50 times periscope zoom four shots

In terms of post shooting, the new Nova 7 Pro is equipped with a 50x periscope zoom of four shots, including a 64 megapixel main shot + an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens + an 8 megapixel periscope telephoto lens + a macro lens, of which 64 megapixel main shot supports high-definition photo direct out.

If we don’t talk much, let’s look at the sample directly.

64 million main camera direct out on cloudy days (F / 1.8 IOS 100)

64 million main camera direct out (F / 1.8 ios50) in outdoor daytime

64 million indoor main camera straight out (f1.8 ios150 focal length 6mm)

Because the day of shooting is always cloudy and the light is not enough, Nova 7 Pro can still take high dynamic and high-quality photos, 64 megapixel high-definition straight out, which can restore more details, even if magnified, it can still ensure clear and bright.

At night, Nova 7 Pro adopts 1 / 1.7 inch super sensitive components, which can absorb more light to brighten the whole picture, effectively reduce noise and make the whole picture bright and clear.

For telephoto,Nova 7 Pro also uses a periscope telephoto lens, which supports up to 10x hybrid zoom and up to 50x digital zoom.

1 x normal focal length (taken after Nova 7 Pro)

5x focal length (photographed after Nova 7 Pro)

10x hybrid zoom (taken after Nova 7 Pro)

From the sample view, the zoomed image is still clear and well-organized, and the beautiful scenery can be seen in no distance.

In terms of shooting creation, Nova 7 Pro is equipped with 120 ° super wide angle lens + independent macro lens, which can not only shoot large scenes but also discover the beauty of the micro world.

Post 120 ° super wide angle mode (photographed by Nova 7 Pro)

120 ° wide-angle imaging has a wider range of views, and still supports the distortion correction function. The wide-angle sample picture taken is wider, and the edge is not deformed.

4cm super macro (taken by Nova 7 Pro rear lens)

The independent macro lens can realize the micro shooting of 4cm, and the petals photographed in spring are charming.

In terms of video shooting, Nova 7 Pro has 64 million ultra-high resolution camera behind it, which supports 4K full definition EIS intelligent anti shake function.

Kirin 985 5G blessing brings 5G flagship experience

On the core hardware, Nova 7 Pro is equipped with a new Kirin 985 5G SOC chip, integrated with 5G baseband, bringing a fast 5G flagship experience. Support N79 / N78 / n77 / n41 / N3 / N1 six big 5G frequency bands, 5G network speed is faster, 5G anti-interference ability is stronger, connection is more stable.

At the same time, it also has 5G dual card function, which allows users to use 5G network to access the Internet while using another SIM card to make volte calls, so as to make sure that there are no mistakes in calling and entertainment.
In terms of performance, first of all, it adopts the industry-leading 7Nm process with higher performance and lower power consumption. The CPU adopts the 8-core architecture of 1 super core (2.58ghz) + 3 large cores (2.40GHz) + 4 small cores (1.84ghz). The design of large and small cores with high-efficiency combination is flexible and scheduling, and the overall performance is more powerful.

In order to bring pure entertainment experience to young people, games are indispensable. The machine can easily run heavy-duty 3D games, support the highest definition and stable high frame rate.

AI performance has always been a traditional strength of Kirin family. Kirin 985 5G adopts NPU architecture to achieve excellent AI energy efficiency and bring more rich end-to-end AI application experience to mobile phone users. Super AI engine creates intelligent innovation experience such as AI real-time beauty, AI auto focus, AI portrait color retention, etc.

In terms of endurance, Nova 7 Pro is still in the slim body, with a large 4000mAh battery, which basically meets the daily entertainment experience of users. At the same time, it supports 40W Huawei super fast charging, which can charge 75% of the power in 30 minutes.

At the end of the article, whether it’s the front 32 million focus double shot, the super night portrait 3.0, 105 ° super wide angle portrait, or the high-quality selfie, video, vlog and other shooting experience brought by the front and rear dual view video, Nova 7 Pro is undoubtedly the most clear and beautiful 5G selfie video flagship in the selfie field. The light and thin fuselage, smart and transparent “No.7 color” bring shocking visual impact, successfully leading the current fashion trend, becoming a fashion piece for young people to express their personality and show themselves. In addition, Kirin 985 5G SOC brings flagship 5G smooth experience, as well as fast charging and long endurance. Huawei Nova 7 Pro is bringing better entertainment experience to the young people who are pursuing the trend. It can be called a real 5G self shot video flagship.

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