Where are the opportunities in Africa? -African market and our employees

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When many people refer to African customers, they will say that the order quantity is small and the reputation is not good. But this is actually a misunderstanding of many people, although Africa is relatively poor and backward. But at the same time, it is also full of business opportunities. The African market is definitely a big cake.

At present, the total number of local sales we have signed in Africa is 430+. The countries with a large number of contracts include but are not limited to the following: Ghana; Namibia; Kenya; Uganda; Ethiopia; Chad; Zimbabwe; Nigeria; Mozambique; Cote d’Ivoire; Congo-K; Malawi ; Angola; Senegal

Why Africa

In the context of economic globalization, the economies of African countries have shown steady progress in recent years. Summarize the current situation in Africa in one sentence: sufficient resources and uneven development

Statistics show that the economies of developing African countries are showing rapid growth. The GDP index of Ethiopia and Kenya has exceeded 10. The world has begun to focus its attention on this “land of hope”, and the creation of a growth model for the world economy has become synonymous with Africa. Africa itself is not poor. It has abundant natural resources, huge demographic dividend, and profound humanities. Apart from the political influence, Africa itself is a place worth looking forward to. From the perspective of the global economy, the economies of Europe, the United States and other countries are experiencing a period of saturation and bottlenecks. The GDP growth rate of the United States in 2017 was only 2.3, and some countries even experienced negative growth. Weak markets have also led investors to turn to Africa. This has promoted the stable and progressive attitude of the African economy.

Excluding Africa’s own situation, it is now very suitable for development. African locals are also very beneficial to the development of our company. Especially our employees are very advantageous.

The epitome of many Africans: not hurried, not hurried, not slow. But this makes their communication very good in terms of details. Our employees do the same. They work hard to better serve every local customer and every detail. They like to use black humor when talking to others, and they are also very enthusiastic. This makes our local sales very enthusiastic about our customers. When there is more communication with customers, we can better serve customers.

Local sales in Africa can speak very fluent English. English is the universal language of the world, which is very good for them to communicate with customers all over the world. As locals, they can better sell locally. It is precisely because of their local sales that the company can develop better.

Sales in Africa always have a very positive attitude. Even if they run into a wall in the sales process, they will not just give up and be negative. This is extremely valuable. A positive attitude can inspire enthusiasm. A positive person, his energy will not be exhausted. A positive attitude can help them exert greater abilities at work. The positive attitude can enhance creativity, and people with a positive mindset usually have all kinds of whimsical ideas. In this era of rapid development of information, innovation will bring very different results.

Local sales are all sincere people. They treat each other frankly and don’t hide knives in a smile. Sincerity is the most convincing business card in interpersonal relationships. The key point of communication is mutual trust, and the foundation of mutual trust is sincerity. It is precisely because of their sincerity that customers trust us more. Trust has always been one of our company’s values. Their behavior also represents the behavior of the company. What they do is to promote a good image for the company.


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