Dell and Nokia Unite Forces: Elevating Telecom Networks and Private 5G Solutions

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In a groundbreaking move, Dell Technologies and Nokia have extended their strategic partnership, bringing together their expertise and industry-leading solutions to propel open network architectures in the telecom ecosystem and drive private 5G use cases for businesses. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of network infrastructure and connectivity solutions.

The Collaborative Vision

The partnership envisions a seamless integration of Dell‘s infrastructure solutions with Nokia’s private wireless connectivity. Leveraging Dell’s PowerEdge servers, purpose-built for modern telecom network workloads, the collaboration aims to transition existing Nokia AirFrame customers to Dell’s extensive infrastructure portfolio. This transition encompasses a spectrum from the core to the edge to RAN, offering a comprehensive solution for modern telecom networks.

Preferred Partnerships

As a key aspect of this collaboration, Nokia will designate Dell as its preferred infrastructure partner for existing Nokia AirFrame customers. This strategic move positions Dell’s technology as the infrastructure of choice for telecom cloud deployments. Simultaneously, Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC), a private wireless solution, will become Dell’s preferred platform for enterprise customers’ edge use cases. This dual partnership underlines the commitment of both companies to provide cutting-edge solutions to their customers.

Private Wireless Solutions for Enterprises

The collaboration addresses the growing demand for private wireless solutions, especially in enterprise settings. Nokia’s NDAC solution, recognized for its reliability and performance, will be seamlessly integrated with Dell NativeEdge, the edge operations software platform. This integration aims to provide enterprises with a comprehensive and scalable private wireless solution, catering to a range of edge use cases.

Quotes from Leadership

Dennis Hoffman, Senior Vice President, and General Manager, Telecom Systems Business at Dell Technologies, emphasized the collaborative power of the partnership. “Through our collaboration, Nokia and Dell Technologies will harness each company’s expertise and expanded distribution to simply and quickly scale modern telecom networks and private 5G use cases.”

Nishant Batra, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer at Nokia, highlighted the flexibility gained through this strategic partnership. “This strategic partnership will make both companies more flexible and able to better address future customer needs.”

Joint Research and Development Initiatives

The collaboration extends beyond infrastructure deployment to joint research and development efforts. Dell and Nokia will collaborate on platform and application testing and lifecycle management in the Dell Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab. This collaborative lab will be pivotal in certifying workloads on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks, supporting Nokia Cloud offerings.

Towards Future-Ready Networks

The strategic partnership also outlines plans for ongoing collaboration in OEM engagements. Building on existing R&D efforts around core network functions, the two companies aim to certify workloads that support Nokia Cloud offerings on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks. This collaborative effort positions Dell and Nokia at the forefront of innovation, addressing the evolving needs of communications service providers.

Navigating Future Challenges

The partnership is not just about the present but is forward-looking. It addresses the increasing demands on networks and positions both companies to provide solutions that help communications service providers scale modern networks to the cloud. This aligns with the dynamic nature of the ICT landscape and the evolving needs of businesses and consumers.

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Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Connectivity

In conclusion, the strategic partnership between Dell Technologies and Nokia is poised to reshape the landscape of telecom networks and private 5G. This collaboration not only leverages the strengths of both companies but also addresses the evolving needs of the ICT industry. As the telecom ecosystem undergoes transformational changes, this partnership stands as a beacon of innovation, providing businesses with future-ready solutions for their connectivity needs. Explore the possibilities at and be part of the journey towards a connected future.

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