From 5G to 5.5G: Huawei’s Vision for the 5.5G Era at MWC Barcelona 2024

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In a landmark event at MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei spearheaded discussions at the 5G Industry Evolution Summit, delving into the future of the 5G industry. Under the theme “Building High-Quality 5G Networks for the 5.5G Era,” the summit brought together industry leaders, operators, and opinion influencers. Ritchie Peng, the President of Huawei’s Wireless 5G & LTE TDD Product Line, took the stage to unfold Huawei’s commitment to innovation, setting the course towards the 5.5G era.

The 5G Revolution: A Five-Year Journey

Over the past five years, 5G has catalyzed eight profound changes across industries, networks, and technologies. Ritchie Peng emphasized that these changes are propelling the industry at an unprecedented pace towards the 5.5G era. Huawei’s commitment to innovation spans various domains, including ELAA, green solutions, and intelligent networks, all aimed at supporting operators in the evolution towards multi-carrier 5.5G with a premium user experience.

The Eight Waves of Transformation:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: 5G has surpassed 4G, providing an unparalleled video experience with ubiquitous Gbps capability. The surge in video content quality, with more than 60% produced at 720p or higher and 60 FPS, has led to a boom in applications like cloud gaming and multipoint videos.
  2. Diverse Business Growth: 5G is fueling new types of business growth globally. Operators are introducing diverse data plans, emphasizing high-speed experiences and shifting towards business models centered on speed rather than data traffic. Enhanced uplink performance and reduced latency play pivotal roles in these innovative monetization strategies.
  3. Global Connections Growth: With upgrades in ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) technologies, 5G is becoming increasingly cost-effective. This enables its application in core production processes, and the ecosystem for Reduced Capability (RedCap) and Passive IoT is expanding rapidly.
  4. Preference for Multi-Carrier Networks: TDD large bandwidth, supporting Gbps, has become the preferred choice for 80% of 5G operators. Multi-carrier networks are on the rise, with 35% of operators utilizing TDD spectrum in more than two bands, and mainstream devices becoming multi-carrier capable.
  5. Critical Role of mmWave: Millimeter wave (mmWave) networks are integral to 5.5G, with High-frequency AAUs (HAAUs) enhancing coverage and mobility. China is already witnessing commercial use of these AAUs, delivering peak speeds of 10 Gbps and average speeds of 5 Gbps.
  6. Dominance of ELAA on 5.5G: Extremely large antenna array (ELAA) has become the preferred choice, allowing for site upgrades with more antenna elements and band support, a crucial step for achieving 5.5G xGbps.
  7. Green Networks Benchmark: The “0 Bit 0 Watt” concept is emerging as a benchmark for green networks. Energy-saving becomes imperative as 5G has twice the peak-to-average traffic ratio of 4G. Huawei’s series of equipment aim to achieve unprecedented levels of energy efficiency at both the site and network levels.
  8. Network Intelligence Advancements: Telecom foundation models and digital twin systems are pushing the industry closer to L4 network intelligence. Huawei IntelligentRAN supports L4 intent-driven network intelligence, facilitating fault prevention and prediction, service intent sensing, and multi-objective decision-making in mobile networks.

Huawei’s Commitment to 5.5G: A Pledge to Innovation

These eight transformative waves underscore the significant strides the industry has taken towards delivering 5G and approaching the threshold of 5.5G. Peng concluded by reiterating Huawei’s commitment to collaborate with operators and partners, fostering a thriving industry ecosystem through relentless innovation. The goal is clear: to bring the world faster into a new era of commercial 5.5G.

Witness the Future at MWC Barcelona 2024

As MWC Barcelona 2024 unfolds from February 26 to February 29 in Spain, Huawei stands ready to showcase its latest products and solutions at stand 1H50 in Fira Gran Via Hall 1. The commercial launch of 5.5G in 2024 signifies Huawei’s global collaboration with operators and partners to drive innovation in networks, cloud, and intelligence.

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In conclusion, Huawei‘s journey from 5G to 5.5G marks a monumental leap in global connectivity. The eight waves of transformation lay the foundation for a future where connectivity is not just fast but intelligent, green, and seamlessly integrated. Embrace the 5.5G revolution; visit┬áto discover how Huawei is redefining the landscape of connectivity for a smarter tomorrow.

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