4 Reasons to Choose Ruckus

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Ruckus is considered a leader in the integrated home and networking industry for developing the first smart Wi-Fi technology. Extending the range of Wi-Fi is also one of the most defining and innovative features of Ruckus technology. Ruckus is not only an option for families but also some small businesses.

Why choose a ruckus wireless access point?

There are many wireless access points on the market, and there are many choices for everyone. But there are always factors that make you choose ruckus in the end. Let’s take a look at the reasons to choose a ruckus wireless access point.

  1. Ruckus provides you with a strong and stable connection

It is now more and more normal for people to work, study and play from home. People are also increasingly relying on Wi-Fi in their homes. Not to mention in the office, the network is indispensable to the company.

Ruckus guarantees a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal at home or in the office, no matter what room you’re in. Your device will automatically connect to the strongest access point.

  1. Ruckus blocks network interference

Whether you’re in a business meeting or watching your favorite video on YouTube, there’s nothing worse than internet distractions. If Wi-Fi networks are in close proximity or share the same channel, Ruckus technology adapts to its environment and operates around other wireless networks near you. No matter how cluttered your area is, you can rest assured of a strong Wi-Fi signal.

  1. Fits any budget

Ruckus Wireless takes wireless security to the next level with its line of ZoneFlex and Unleashed wireless access points. At the same time the price of the ruckus access point is also acceptable. It has products of all price points. Whether you’re looking to extend fast, secure Wi-Fi to classrooms, hotel rooms, or patient rooms, Ruckus has high-performance devices for you.

  1. Ruckus makes security easy

The demand for wireless devices is growing exponentially every year, no matter the location. For small businesses, secure, high-performance wireless connectivity is a necessity, not a luxury. With Ruckus Security Services combined with the lightning-fast speed of its security processor, you can have security and speed at the same time.

Not every small business has the budget or IT talent to handle complex wireless network configurations. Few SMBs have the spare time to manage a wireless security infrastructure, and Ruckus’ management dashboard, affordable pricing and solutions make deployment easier.

Choosing the Right Ruckus AP

There are several families of access points for ruckus. Let’s combine these series with the corresponding scenarios below to help find the right access point

ZoneFlex R-Series. E.g:  901-R700-WW00,  901-R600-WW00

Dining Halls, Classrooms and Campuses

Small Offices and Retail Stores

Conference floor

Hotel lobby, rooms and corridors

ZoneFlex T-Series. E.g: 901-T310-WW40, 901-T310-WW61, 901-T310-WW20

Outdoor reception spaces and common areas

Ports, beachside and marinas

Outdoor venues and sports venues

ZoneFlex H-Series. E.g: 901-H550-WW00, 901-H500-WW00

Hotel room

Classrooms and wards

College dormitory

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