Next-Generation Wi-Fi: HPE Aruba’s 700 Series Access Points

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Elevating Connectivity to the Next Level

HPE Aruba Networking is proud to introduce the 700 Series Wi-Fi 7 access points, designed to deliver secure connectivity, maximized performance, enhanced IoT and location capabilities, and advanced data processing at the edge. As a leader in networking technology, HPE Aruba continues to innovate, ensuring that your organization stays ahead of the curve.

The Evolution of Wi-Fi: More Than Just Connectivity

From the onset of Wi-Fi technology, HPE Aruba has viewed access points (APs) as more than mere traffic routers. Our mission has always been about secure connectivity, evidenced by our industry-first Layer 7 application firewall integrated into an AP. This philosophy has guided us through multiple Wi-Fi generations, adding capabilities like location services, IoT protocol support, and extensive network telemetry for security and AIOps.

Introducing the 700 Series: Enhanced Features and Capabilities

The new 700 Series Wi-Fi 7 access points build on this legacy, offering dual BLE 5.4 or 802.15.4/Zigbee radios, dual USB interfaces, and improved location precision. These access points are designed to deliver high-performance connectivity and edge processing capabilities.

Key Features of the 700 Series:

  • Wi-Fi 7 Support: Optimal support for 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz spectrums with mix and match configurability for backward compatibility.
  • Enhanced IoT Capabilities: Dual radios and USB interfaces for a broad range of IoT devices.
  • Edge Processing: Sufficient memory and compute capacity to run containers, enabling local data processing and decision-making.
  • Advanced Location Services: Precision within one meter, incorporating GNSS receiver and barometric sensor for floor-level mapping.
  • Sustainability: AI-powered dynamic power save mode to reduce energy footprint and costs.
Immediate and Long-Term Benefits

The 700 Series APs provide immediate benefits by increasing wireless connectivity and performance for existing devices while future-proofing your network for Wi-Fi 7 devices. The rich IoT protocol support eliminates the need for overlay IoT networks, and real-time data processing at the edge enhances AI workflows.

Advantages for Your Organization:

  • Improved Performance: Enhanced wireless connectivity for current devices, especially if upgrading from older AP models.
  • End-to-End Security: New link level encryption (MACsec) capabilities and existing security features like Layer 7 firewalls, WPA3, and Enhanced Open.
  • Comprehensive IoT Management: Simplified device onboarding, monitoring, and security policy enforcement through HPE Aruba Networking Central’s IoT Operations dashboard.
  • Data Processing at the Edge: Twice the SDRAM and flash memory to run application-specific containers natively on the APs.
  • Precision Location Services: Real-time location tracking with improved accuracy and user engagement.
Conclusion: A Future-Ready Investment

The 700 Series Wi-Fi 7 access points are not just about future-proofing; they offer immediate value by eliminating IoT network overlays, improving performance for existing devices, and enhancing data capture and security. As Wi-Fi 7 devices become mainstream, these APs will be ready to leverage larger channels for even greater performance.

See Immediate Value with the 700 Series:

  • Eliminate IoT network overlays.
  • Improve performance and user experience for existing devices.
  • Capture, secure, and transport data for AI solutions.
  • Be prepared for the future of Wi-Fi 7.

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