Cisco Switches Replacement List: Cisco 350 series and 550X series

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As technology has developed, Cisco has introduced some products to replace its earlier lines. Last time we introduced the cisco 110 series and 250 series alternatives. Today, we’ll share with you the replacement list for Cisco 350 series and the 550X series.

1. Cisco 350 Series Unmanaged Switches Overview

The Cisco 350 Series is a family of managed Ethernet switches with preset configurations. Models are available with Fast Ethernet ports ranging from 8 to 48 and Gigabit Ethernet ports ranging from 10 to 52, allowing you to build the perfect network foundation for your company.
Cisco 350 series switches

Unlike other small business switching solutions, which only offer managed network capabilities in the most expensive models, all Cisco 350 Series Switches include the advanced security management capabilities and network features required to support business-class data, voice, security, and wireless technologies. These switches are also straightforward to deploy and configure, allowing you to take advantage of the managed network services your company requires.

Cisco 350 Series switches offer the enhanced feature set those developing enterprises desire, as well as the high-bandwidth applications and technologies that they require. These switches can increase the availability of your key applications, protect your corporate data, and optimize network bandwidth to transport information and support applications more effectively.

Table 1. Cisco 350 series vs. Cisco Business 350 Series

  SG 350 Series CBS 350 Series
  Millions of Packets per Second (mmps) Switching Capacity in Gigabits per Second (Gbps) Millions of Packets per Second (mmps) Switching Capacity in Gigabits per Second (Gbps)
8 Ports 14.88 20 14.88 20
16 Ports 29.76 40 26.78 36
24 Ports 41.66 56 41.66 56
48 Ports 77.38 104 77.38 104
24 Ports (10G-Uplinks) 95.23 128 95.23 128
48 Ports (10G-Uplinks) 130.94 176 130.94 176

Table 2. Cisco 350 Series Replacement

Model Replacement
SF350-08 CBS350-8T-E-2G
SF350-24 CBS350-24T-4G
SF350-24MP CBS350-24FP-4G
SF350-48 CBS350-48T-4G
SF350-48P CBS350-48P-4G
SF350-48MP CBS350-48FP-4G
SF352-08P CBS350-8P-E-2G
SF352-08MP CBS350-8FP-E-2G
SG350-10 CBS350-8T-E-2G
SG350-10P CBS350-8P-E-2G
SG350-20 CBS350-16T-2G
SG350-28 CBS350-24T-4G
SG350-28P CBS350-24P-4G
SG350-28MP CBS350-24FP-4G
SG350-52 CBS350-48T-4G
SG350-52P CBS350-48P-4G
SG350-52MP CBS350-48FP-4G

2. Cisco 550X Series Stackable Managed Switches Overview

Cisco’s 550X Series switches are built to safeguard your technology investment as your company expands. The Cisco 550X Series has real stacking functionality, allowing you to set up, operate, and troubleshoot multiple physical switches as a single device and more quickly grow your network.

Because the stack of units operates as a single entity constituting all of the stack members’ ports, a real stack provides a unified data and control plane, as well as a management plane, offering flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. With an improved warranty, specialized technical support, and the possibility to upgrade equipment in the future and earn credit for your Cisco 550X Series switch, the switches protect your technological investment. Overall, the Cisco 550X Series is an excellent technological basis for a developing company.

Cisco 550X series switches

Table 3. Cisco 350X Series vs. Cisco 550X Series

Model Cisco 350X series Cisco 550X series
Device type Switch: 1/10G, 12/24/48 ports, L3 managed Switch: 100M/1G/10G, 16/24/48 ports, L3 managed
Enclosure type Rack-mountable, 1RU Rack-mountable, 1RU
Switching capacity 128 Gbps -960 Gbps 84.8 Gbps -960 Gbps
Forwarding performance (64-byte packets) 178.56 Mpps -714.24 Mpps 63.09 Mpps -714.24 Mpps
MAC address table size 16,000 or 32,000 entries 16,000 or 64,000 entries
Capacity (active VLANS) 4000 4000
Routing protocol Static IPv4 /IPv6 routing RIPv2, VRRP, PBR, static IPv4/IPv6 routing
RAM 512 MB 512 MB
Flash memory 256 MB 256 MB
Interfaces Downlinks, uplinks, GE OOB port, console – RJ45 Downlinks, uplinks, GE OOB port, console – RJ45, RPS port
Power supply Internal Internal
Voltage required AC 120/230V (50/60 Hz) AC 120/230V (50/60 Hz)
Cables included 1 x console cable 1 x console cable

Table 4. Cisco 550X Series Replacement

Model Replacement
SF550X-24 SG350X-24
SF550X-24MP SG350X-24MP
SF550X-24P SG350X-24P
SF550X-48 SG350X-48
SF550X-48MP SG350X-48MP
SF550X-48P SG350X-48P
SG550XG-24F SX550X-24F
SG550XG-24T SX550X-24
SG550XG-48T SX550X-52
SG550XG-8F8T SX550X-16FT

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