5 Best Enterprise-grade Networking Device Suppliers You Should Know

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Big businesses may pick from a wide range of manufacturers of enterprise-grade networking equipment, with some of the finest being Aruba, Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, and Ruckus.

Enterprise-grade networking hardware is made to cover huge regions and give customers improved Wi-Fi access and more bandwidth. Some networking devices have greater hardware than home networking equipment, including additional NAT forwarding numbers, processing power, cache, and memory.

This increases the number of users that can connect to the network and typically results in faster speeds for each user. Better security and ongoing network monitoring may also be provided by enterprise network equipment. Commercial networking hardware is built to survive and will probably outlive alternatives from home.

Here is a list of the top five networking equipment suppliers for businesses.

Aruba Networks

High-performance Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E access points, built-in network intelligence, and its Zero Trust security solution are all provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise-owned Aruba Networks.

Businesses can benefit from its Zero Trust security in the following ways:

An overview of everything linked to your network, wherever it is
Identity and role-based access control for IT resources
the capacity to alter access rights depending on threat information in real-time

According to Aruba’s product website, “based on Zero Trust and SASE foundation, Aruba delivers an edge to cloud security solution to match the evolving security landscape.”

With its integrated network intelligence function, organizations can simplify their IT infrastructure, spend less time troubleshooting issues, and provide the groundwork for implementing new technologies and meeting future business demands.


With machine learning and artificial intelligence, Cisco’s wireless networking equipment offers real-time insights to optimize networks and increase productivity.
For various business applications, it provides indoor and outdoor access points, and Cisco’s ongoing network monitoring aids in maintaining network security.

Its product page claims that “AI/ML, automation, and visibility combine to deliver you a versatile network administration experience across different domains, including the cloud.”

Wi-Fi 6 and 6E technology is used in Cisco’s Catalyst 9000 wireless solutions to deliver faster speeds and more capacity for hybrid working scenarios.
Moreover, it provides cloud-managed networking through the Meraki Dashboard.

Juniper Networks

In addition to automation, data center, and integrated security services, Juniper provides a variety of enterprise-grade networking solutions.

Moreover, it offers products for enterprise WAN, SD-WAN, wired access, and wireless access. It offers a variety of automation products, including as the Mist Cloud and AI solution, which streamlines operations for wired, wireless, and SD-WAN access points using a mix of AI, ML, and data science methodologies.

In terms of wireless access, Juniper offers a cloud-based Wi-Fi Assurance solution that Mist AI powers.To make Wi-Fi quantifiable and predictable, replace human troubleshooting methods with automated wireless operations.

According to Juniper, by extending security to every connection point, their Connected Security solution safeguards people, apps, and infrastructure.


The Intelligent Cloud-Network of Huawei is used by its corporate networking devices to “accelerate industrial digital transformation.” Its cloud network uses the following four corporate network solutions as its engine:

6 CloudEngine switches, 6 NetEngine routers, and AirEngine Wi-Fi
Secure networks with HiSecEngine

According to Huawei’s product page, “This solution is purpose-built for four scenarios — cloud campus network, cloud Wide Area Network (WAN), hyper-converged Data Center Network (DCN), and network security — driving digital transformation across sectors.”

Huawei’s Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution is used for connection by several companies in more than 150 different countries and regions.

Ruckus Networks

Ethernet switches, access points, and network controllers are among the enterprise-grade networking equipment that Ruckus manufactures. Distributor partners for the business include TAZ Enterprise, SAP, Altron Systems Integration, and Vox Telecommunications. Moreover, it provides a network analytics solution that makes use of AI and machine learning to speed up troubleshooting and assist IT teams in meeting network SLAs.

Enterprise IT departments may get a number of advantages from Ruckus’ Cloudpath enrollment solution, including Automatic user onboarding, separating IT-owned from personal devices, integrating Microsoft Active Directory and Certificate Services, and WLAN connectivity.

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