Empowering the Workforce: Huawei’s Strategy to Develop ICT Talent in South Asia

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The telecommunications giant, Huawei, has announced plans to develop 50,000 information and communication technology (ICT) talents in South Asia over the next five years. The company intends to achieve this through a variety of programs, including building ICT academies, ICT and startup competitions, online course enrollment, and fresh employee recruitment. The announcement was made at the “Building a Smart Talent Ecosystem, In South Asia, For South Asia” event held at the Huawei South Asia representative office in the Bangladesh capital, Dhaka, attended by journalists and Huawei officials from South Asian countries.

Huawei’s Dhaka office aims to support the region with more attention and create better value for customers, partners, the ecosystem, and society, with the inspiration of “In South Asia, For South Asia.” The company has already developed over 6,000 ICT talents in South Asia last year and plans to develop an additional 50,000 over the next five years.

The strategy aligns with Huawei’s focus on developing local talent and resources in the regions where it operates, which the company believes will help to drive innovation and growth in the ICT industry. Huawei has invested in South Asia for many years, significantly contributing to the region’s telecommunications infrastructure and digital transformation. The company is also committed to promoting ICT education and training, particularly in developing countries.

Huawei’s initiative to develop 50,000 new ICT talents in South Asia is not only a significant investment in the region’s workforce but also a strategic move for the company’s continued growth in the region. By developing local talent and resources, Huawei can strengthen its partnerships and relationships with local stakeholders while also building a strong foundation for future growth and innovation in the ICT industry.

As the ICT industry continues to evolve rapidly, the demand for skilled and talented professionals is growing. Huawei’s investment in developing 50,000 new ICT talents in South Asia is a positive step towards meeting this demand and helping to build a sustainable and innovative ICT ecosystem in the region. Through its various programs and initiatives, Huawei is making a significant contribution to the development of the ICT industry and the broader economy in South Asia.

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