The Future is Green: Huawei’s Commitment to Sustainable ICT

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Huawei has highlighted its contributions towards green ICT at MWC 2023, during its Green ICT Summit. The theme of the summit was “Green for ICT; ICT for Green”, with a focus on how ICT can help enterprises improve their telecommunications environmental impact and create their green revenue-generating services. The event featured presentations from Huawei executives, the GSMA, and the United Nations, with a focus on the importance of sustainability for the ICT industry.

Li Peng, President of the Carrier Business Group, highlighted Huawei’s contributions to the industry’s progress towards green ICT. Huawei has helped over 100 carriers deploy energy-efficient networks and was the only Chinese company to make the CDP A-List in 2022 for its actions on climate change and transparency of disclosures. Peng emphasized that green is the shared future for all of society.

The GSMA and the United Nations presented survey data and insights into sustainability, with a focus on the importance of climate change to consumers and the alignment of the telecom industry to ESG principles. The UN highlighted the benefits of technologies such as blockchain and AI for energy efficiency and circularity. Carrier presentations emphasized the importance of partnerships, measuring carbon emissions, and adopting an end-to-end value chain approach.

Huawei’s approach to green ICT is embodied in its sustainability framework, the 1+2+3 solution, which focuses on standards-based network energy use, optimizing site, network, and operations, and optimizing for high energy efficiency and ultra-low energy consumption. The company has received positive assessments from ABI Research for its sustainability credentials, with a suite of network products that score highly for sustainability in 5G RAN, Massive MIMO, AI-driven network software, and antenna solutions.

A key takeaway from the event was the importance of inclusivity in sustainability. Huawei recognizes that developing regions will feel the most acute impact from carbon emissions and waste, and is doing its part to contribute to the well-being of the planet by enabling sustainability within ICT for shared peace, security, and human development.

In addition to Huawei’s contributions towards sustainable ICT, other companies in the industry are also taking steps to promote green initiatives. For example, Router-switch is a leading provider of networking equipment and solutions that has committed to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices. The company offers a wide range of energy-efficient networking products and has implemented sustainable operations across its supply chain. By partnering with companies like Router-switch, the industry as a whole can work towards a more sustainable future for ICT.

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