Fortinet Unveils Game-Changing Wi-Fi 7 Solutions: A Deep Dive into FortiAP 441K and FortiSwitch T1024

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In a groundbreaking move, Fortinet, a global cybersecurity leader, has announced its latest innovations in the form of the industry’s first comprehensive, secure networking solution integrated with Wi-Fi 7. The FortiAP 441K, Fortinet’s inaugural Wi-Fi 7 access point, and the FortiSwitch T1024, a purpose-built 10-gigabit Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, promise to deliver 2x faster speeds and increased capacity, unlocking unparalleled wireless performance for enterprises.

The Need for Wi-Fi 7 in Today’s Landscape

Enterprises are in pursuit of the enhanced speed and bandwidth promised by Wi-Fi 7, the latest generation of wireless technology. However, the adoption of new technologies often brings security challenges, expanding an organization’s attack surface. Legacy security solutions may struggle to cope with the surge in data-rich traffic that comes with the territory. Fortinet aims to address this gap by offering a comprehensive, secure networking solution that seamlessly integrates with Wi-Fi 7 while ensuring enterprise-grade protection and AI-powered security.

Introducing FortiAP 441K: A Leap in Wireless Connectivity

The FortiAP 441K, leveraging the Wi-Fi 7 Qualcomm Networking Pro 1220 Platform, stands out with its exceptional features:

  1. 2x Faster Connections: Users can experience lightning-fast wireless connections that are up to 2x faster, setting a new benchmark for wireless speed.
  2. Faster Data Transfer: Support for 4096 QAM enables quicker data transfer, crucial for bandwidth-heavy applications like video streaming and collaboration tools.
  3. Lower Latency: Utilizing 320MHz channels, a single FortiAP 441K can leverage a broader spectrum, enhancing data speeds and reducing latency for a positive end-user experience.
  4. Improved Load Balancing and Reduced Interference: Flexible channel utilization through preamble puncturing and advanced multi-link operation ensures highly resilient and reliable connections, vital for keeping businesses online and productive.
Empowering Wi-Fi 7 with FortiSwitch T1024

To maximize the benefits of Wi-Fi 7, a robust underlying network infrastructure is essential. The FortiSwitch T1024, a 10 GE access switch with 90W PoE, is designed precisely to support new Wi-Fi 7-enabled APs. When paired with the FortiAP 441K, this duo delivers enhanced speed, power, and performance, ensuring an exceptional experience for all users and devices.

Fortinet’s Secure Networking Solution: Convergence of Networking and Security

Fortinet’s secure networking solution, an integral part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, offers a unique convergence of networking technologies with AI-powered security. The solution allows the use of FortiGate next-generation firewalls as wireless controllers, providing access to FortiGuard AI-powered security services like advanced malware protection, sandboxing, and web filtering.

Industry Insights and Endorsements
  • Ganesh Swaminathan, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.: “Qualcomm Technologies is pleased to continue collaborating closely with Fortinet… pushing the boundaries of what Wi-Fi can do in the modern enterprise.”
  • Chris Depuy, 650 Group: “Fortinet is well positioned as one of the first major enterprise vendors to introduce Wi-Fi 7 and has aggressively incorporated security functions to its networking products.”
  • Mike Chase, AireSpring: “Fortinet takes the technology to an entirely new level… delivering world-class connectivity, security, diagnostics, and analytics in their latest wireless solution.”
Unlocking the Potential: Embrace Wi-Fi 7 with Fortinet

In conclusion, Fortinet’s introduction of Wi-Fi 7 solutions signifies a revolutionary leap in wireless technology. The FortiAP 441K and FortiSwitch T1024 promise not only faster speeds and increased capacity but also a robust security infrastructure. For enterprises seeking to embrace Wi-Fi 7 while ensuring the highest level of security and control, Fortinet’s offerings stand as the benchmark.

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