Cisco GLC-LH-SMD SFP Transceiver Module: Seamless Connectivity for Your Network

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, reliable and high-performance networking solutions are paramount for businesses to stay competitive. Cisco, a trusted leader in the networking industry, offers a cutting-edge product that ensures seamless data transmission – the Cisco GLC-LH-SMD 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP transceiver module. Today, we will explore the features, benefits, and real-world applications of this versatile SFP transceiver module, available at

Understanding the Cisco GLC-LH-SMD SFP Transceiver Module:

The Cisco GLC-LH-SMD 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP is designed to provide outstanding performance in both Multimode and Single-Mode Fiber environments. It operates on a standard single-mode fiber-optic link, covering distances of up to 10 km, and on any multimode fibers for distances of up to 550 m. With a wavelength of 1310nm, extended operating temperature range, and DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring) support, this SFP transceiver ensures reliable and secure data transmission.

This Figure shows the appearance of GLC-LH-SMD.

GLC-LH-SMD Appearance

The table provides cabling specifications for the SFPs that you install in the Gigabit Ethernet port.

Note that all SFP ports have LC-type connectors, and the minimum cable distance for all SFPs listed (multimode and single-mode fiber) is 6.5 feet (2 m).

SFP Port Cabling Specifications

Product Wavelength (nm) Fiber Type Core Size (μm) Modal Bandwidth (MHz* Km)*** Operating Distance (m)


850 MMF 62.5 160 (FDDI-grade) 220 (722 ft)
62.5 200 (OM1) 275 (902 ft)
50 400 (400/400) 500 (1,640 ft)
50 500 (OM2) 550 (1,804 ft)
50 2000 (OM3) 1000 (3281 ft)


1310 MMF* 62.5 500 550 (1,804 ft)
50 400 550 (1,804 ft)
50 500 550 (1,804 ft)
SMF -** 10,000 (32,821 ft)
1000BASE-EX 1310 SMF -** 40,000 (131,234 ft)



1550 SMF Approximately 70 km depending on link loss
1000BASE-BX-U 1310 SMF -** 10,000 (32,821 ft)
1000BASE-BX-D 1490 SMF -** 10,000 (32,821 ft)

*A mode-conditioning patch cord, as specified by the IEEE standard, is required regardless of the span length. Note how the mode conditioning patch cord for 62.5-μm fibers has a different specification from the mode-conditioning patch cord for 50-μm fibers.

**ITU-T G.652 SMF as specified by the IEEE 802.3z standard.

***Specified at transmission wavelength.

Common Challenges Faced by Network Administrators:
  1. Reliable Data Transmission: Businesses require a robust networking solution that guarantees secure and fast data transmission over long distances, with minimal packet loss or data corruption.
  2. Flexible Connectivity: Network administrators often face challenges in connecting different types of fiber environments, be it Multimode or Single-Mode Fiber, without sacrificing performance and quality.
  3. Compatibility and Integration: Seamless integration of networking components with existing infrastructure can be a concern, requiring products that are compatible with standard industry protocols and specifications.
The Solution: Cisco GLC-LH-SMD 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP Transceiver Module
  1. Versatility: The Cisco GLC-LH-SMD SFP transceiver module supports both Multimode and Single-Mode Fiber environments, making it an ideal choice for various networking setups and distances.
  2. Reliable Performance: With a 1310nm wavelength and DOM support, this SFP transceiver ensures high-quality, secure, and uninterrupted data transmission, crucial for critical business applications.
  3. Seamless Integration: The Cisco GLC-LH-SMD SFP is designed to comply with the IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-LX standard, ensuring seamless integration with existing networking infrastructure and equipment.
Real-World Applications:
  1. Enterprise Networks: The Cisco GLC-LH-SMD SFP transceiver is an excellent choice for large corporate networks, providing reliable connectivity and secure data transmission between different office locations.
  2. Data Centers: In data-intensive environments, such as data centers, where large volumes of data need to be transmitted over long distances, this SFP transceiver ensures stable and high-speed connectivity.
  3. Telecommunication Industry: Telecom companies can benefit from the versatility of the Cisco GLC-LH-SMD SFP to establish efficient connections in various fiber optic environments.
Experience the Cisco Difference with, a leading networking solutions provider, offers a wide range of Cisco products, including the Cisco GLC-LH-SMD 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP transceiver module. By partnering with, businesses can experience unparalleled customer service, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery, guaranteeing a hassle-free networking solution.


The Cisco GLC-LH-SMD SFP transceiver module is a powerful networking solution designed to meet the demands of modern business environments. Its versatility, reliable performance, and seamless integration make it an essential component for businesses aiming to achieve seamless data transmission and connectivity. Experience the excellence of Cisco networking products and explore the Cisco GLC-LH-SMD 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP at Enhance your network infrastructure today for a more efficient and secure tomorrow.

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