Wraps Up Successful North America Business Trip

2023 SEASON SALE Networking and Security Showcase In-stock ICT products at exclusive discounts, a leading provider of innovative ICT products and solutions, recently returned from a successful business trip across North America, which took place from June 20th to June 26th. The purpose of the trip was to strengthen relationships, investigate new market opportunities, and demonstrate’s dedication to delivering superior service in the region.

Our newest team member, Simon Lee, Senior Regional Sales Manager of North America, has just joined Simon serves as our sales representative and is based in Canada. He is responsible for regional business growth and customer service across America and ensures the quickest response and support in the same time zone. Our expanded investment in North America reflects our growing faith in the American market and commitment to delivering better, quicker domestic services.

During this intensive business trip, representatives visited key cities across the North America and met with a variety of customers and business partners. The concentration was on fostering collaborative partnerships, gaining insights into the dynamics of the local market, and addressing the changing needs of customers in the region.

los angeles

Figure 1. Los Angeles, USA

The journey provided an invaluable venue for the exchange of knowledge, the investigation of new technologies, and the consideration of consumer feedback. Customers’ demands and expectations were actively considered by, allowing the company to refine its strategies and offerings. As a result, not only did the trip strengthen existing partnerships, but it also laid the groundwork for exciting new collaborations.

North America presents enormous growth and innovation opportunities, and is committed to capitalizing on them. Through the business trip, the company was able to gain a deeper understanding of regional trends, customer preferences, and emerging technologies. With this knowledge, will be able to provide cutting-edge ICT products and solutions that meet the changing demands of the North American market.


Figure 2. Houston, USA

“We are ecstatic with the partnership communication in our North American business trip,” said’s General Manager, Vicky Li. The trip afforded us valuable insights and strengthened our relationships with customers and business partners. We would increase the investment on providing better value, in order to help our customer on achieving further success. We are enthusiastic about future partnerships that will foster mutual success and deliver innovative solutions to market.”

As the global authority in bridging ICT technology products, continues to pioneer ICT industry innovations. The company remains committed to fostering consumer success, remaining at the forefront of innovation, and forming partnerships that create value for businesses.


Figure 3. Customers and

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Are you interested in forming a partnership with us, or do you have inquiries about doing business with Simon Lee, your local representative, is more than willing to answer any concerns you may have. He can be reached at or +1 825-431-4368.

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