Huawei FusionCube won the DCIG annual best recommendation for enterprise hyper-converged infrastructure

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Today, the world-renowned technology analysis organization DCIG (Data Center Intelligence Group) released the report “DCIG 2023-24 Enterprise Hyper-Converged Infrastructure TOP5” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”). Huawei FusionCube hyper-converged infrastructure relies on its minimalist and intelligent operation and maintenance Management, diversified computing power ecology, and high-density and flexible hardware integration rank the top of the recommended list.
The DCIG enterprise hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) recommendation report aims to provide users with comprehensive and in-depth product technology procurement analysis and suggestions. Its evaluation dimensions cover the commercial value of the product, integration efficiency, operation and maintenance management, etc. important reference.

According to the report, the main advantages of Huawei FusionCube hyper-converged infrastructure are as follows.
First, in terms of operation and maintenance management:

Huawei FusionCube hyper-converged infrastructure implements unified operation and maintenance management of computing, storage, and network through FusionCube MetaVision and eDME operation and maintenance management software. Unattended intelligent operation and maintenance; using integrated software and hardware delivery, through automated tools, users only need to configure in one step to complete the initialization of IT infrastructure; at the same time, FusionCube hyper-convergence also supports cloud evolution, and Huawei DCS lightweight data center The solutions work together to create a cloud base that is more lightweight, flexible, safe, reliable, intelligently managed, and multi-ecological for customers.

Second, in terms of full-stack ecological construction:

Huawei’s FusionCube hyper-converged infrastructure actively embraces a diverse computing power ecosystem. FusionCube 1000 supports X86 and ARM in the same resource pool, realizing unified management of X86 and ARM. The FusionCube A3000 training/push super-integrated all-in-one machine is oriented to large-scale model training/reasoning scenarios in the industry, and provides large-scale model partners with a ready-to-use deployment experience to achieve one-stop delivery.

Third, in terms of hardware integration:

Huawei FusionCube 500 integrates computing, network, storage and other data center core modules in a 5U space. It supports flexible configuration in a single-frame 5U space, and the ratio of computing and storage can be adjusted. Compared with the industry The conventional deployment method saves 54% of the space; its 492 mm equipment depth can easily meet the cabinet deployment of a standard computer room, and it can also be connected to 220V mains power for deployment in edge scenarios such as roads and bridges, tunnels, and offices.

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