Revealing the Need for Hybrid Deployment Firewalls in the Era of Mixed IT Environments

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What is a Hybrid Deployment Firewall?

Hybrid Mesh Firewall (Hybrid Mesh Firewall) is a security platform that provides collaborative protection across multiple areas of enterprise IT. It supports multiple deployment modes of hardware devices, virtual devices, cloud-native firewalls, and firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS), providing comprehensive protection Enterprise branches, campuses and data centers, public and private clouds, and remote office users.
The most advantageous and unique component of a hybrid deployment firewall is the centralized unified management platform. With the help of this platform, the hybrid deployment firewall can fully cover all IT areas such as enterprise sites, public clouds, private clouds, and remote office users to provide coordinated protection, helping each IT area of the enterprise to automatically perform many protection functions, avoiding duplication of work or policy reconstruction, and Save unnecessary hands-on time in the face of a shortage of cybersecurity skills.
Hybrid IT environments present unique security challenges for IT teams and add complexity to enterprise management. As clouds, data centers and branch offices become interconnected, businesses need simplified unified solutions to meet growing complexity. Gartner predicts that Hybrid Mesh Firewall will be widely deployed, but choosing the best vendor for enterprise needs remains challenging.

Manage IT Complexity

At present, many firewall products on the market still cannot support the hybrid deployment of firewall functions. In order to effectively protect enterprise sites, public and private cloud environments, and remote office users, enterprise IT end users are forced to choose to deploy multiple single-point security solutions.

The Cybersecurity Skills Gap

In addition to complexity challenges, long-term familiarity with point products leads to a surge in corporate risks. Deploying multiple point products requires network security personnel to invest a significant amount of time learning the various new features and operational dashboards. A global cybersecurity talent shortage, with more than one-third of jobs unfilled, puts businesses at greater risk. .

The Rise of Advanced Threats

Complexity and a shortage of cybersecurity skills aren’t the only factors driving the need for a hybrid deployment of firewalls. Advanced cyber threats are increasing globally and posing a greater threat to businesses, with attack vectors spanning the web, applications, content and devices. Therefore, the need to establish simplified, coordinated security across multiple areas of enterprise IT has become even more urgent.

The Value of a Hybrid Firewall Deployment

A hybrid deployment firewall adds significant benefits to enterprise IT, including:
• Improve IT operational efficiency
• Simplify network security operations
• Reduce organizational risk
• Mitigating the cybersecurity skills gap
• Build resilient protection against known and unknown cyber threats
• Full automation and collaboration with AI/ML
• Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
Fortinet can help organizations that urgently need to deploy a hybrid deployment firewall to comprehensively protect data centers, campuses, branch offices, public and private clouds, and remote office users. Fortinet provides users with the industry’s only comprehensive firewall solution for hybrid deployments with:
FortiGate data center, intranet, border, distributed, virtualization, and zero-trust access gateway firewalls can all be managed centrally through FortiManager, and the high-speed FortiGate NGFW equipped with patented ASIC
Cloud-native firewall built with FortiCNF
FortiGate-VM virtual firewall
FortiSASE Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)
Industry-leading threat intelligence from FortiGuard AI-driven security
All the above components can be coordinated and linked through the FortiOS unified operating system to maximize the protection and continuation of your existing IT investment.

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