Dell T140 Server, the Best Choice For Small Business Entry-level Servers

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Dell EMC PowerEdge tower servers provide powerful performance, efficiency and versatility. With a complete product portfolio, excellent product performance, cost-effectiveness, intelligent management and professional one-stop service, PowerEdge series servers have won various types of large, medium, small and micro Enterprise recognition.

The Dell EMC PowerEdge T140 Tower Server is a reliable and efficient server that provides the foundational capabilities for common workloads such as file consolidation, storage and sharing, and is a good choice for supporting small businesses.

Focused on business development, the Dell EMC PowerEdge T140 is an entry-level practical business server. Organize data in a central data repository that affordably handles common business workloads. This server is suitable for the following types of business applications: file and print, mail and messaging, point of sale, financial.

The  server increases productivity with Intel Xeon E-2100 processors with 50 percent more cores, 11 percent faster data transfer and 20 percent more PCIe lanes. Accelerate setup by up to 66% with the ProDeploy suite of services; reduce IT effort required to resolve issues by up to 72% with automated, proactive, predictive technology from ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist Take advantage of flexible tower placement options, and Quiet acoustics and thermal efficiency.

With the Dell EMC PowerEdge T140‘s comprehensive network-resilient architecture, security is embedded in every server to keep your data safe and secure. Keep data safe by automatically saving data with software RAID, help protect servers from malicious changes with iDRAC9 Enterprise server lock mode, and protect data privacy when servers are repurposed or retired with system wipe of local storage.

The Dell PowerEdge T140 is a server with very stable performance that can actively respond to service requests and process them, with guaranteed processing power, stability, reliability, security, scalability, and manageability. It is a good choice for small businesses.

Dell PowerEdge T140 Dell T140 E-2224G/8GB/1TB 7.2K SATA 3.5*1/DVDRW/365W Cabled PS/3.5-4
Dell PowerEdge T140 E-2124/8GB/1TB 7.2K SATA/DVDRW/365W/3.5-4 Server

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