HPE and NVIDIA Unveil Groundbreaking AI Training Solution

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has joined forces with NVIDIA to introduce a cutting-edge supercomputing solution designed specifically for generative AI. Tailored for large enterprises, research institutions, and government organizations, this turnkey solution aims to accelerate the training and tuning of artificial intelligence (AI) models, especially when using private datasets. By integrating industry-leading AI/ML software, hardware, networking, and services, HPE and NVIDIA seek to provide organizations with a comprehensive solution to unlock the full potential of AI faster.

The Challenge: Accelerating AI Training Effectively

The demand for innovative AI models is escalating across leading companies and research centers, driving the need for efficient and effective training solutions. HPE’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of HPC, AI & Labs, Justin Hotard, stated, “To support generative AI, organizations need to leverage solutions that are sustainable and deliver the dedicated performance and scale of a supercomputer to support AI model training.”

The Solution: A Comprehensive Turnkey AI-native Solution

The supercomputing solution for generative AI is a holistic offering that includes a software suite for AI application development, liquid-cooled supercomputers, accelerated compute, networking, storage, and services. Key components of this groundbreaking solution include:

  1. AI/ML Acceleration Software: A suite of software tools facilitates the training and tuning of AI models and the development of custom AI applications.
    • HPE Machine Learning Development Environment: A platform that integrates with popular ML frameworks, enabling faster development and deployment of AI models.
    • NVIDIA AI Enterprise: Accelerates organizations to leading-edge AI with extensive frameworks, pretrained models, and tools for production AI development.
    • HPE Cray Programming Environment Suite: Provides programmers with a complete set of tools for developing, porting, debugging, and refining code.
  2. Designed for Scale: Based on the HPE Cray EX2500, the solution features industry-leading NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips, allowing scalability to thousands of GPUs and the dedication of full node capacity to a single AI workload.
  3. Real-time AI Networking: HPE Slingshot Interconnect, an open, Ethernet-based high-performance network designed to support exascale-class workloads, enhances the system’s overall performance.
  4. Turnkey Simplicity: The solution is complemented by HPE Complete Care Services, offering global specialists for setup, installation, and full lifecycle support, ensuring a seamless AI adoption experience.
The Impact: Accelerated AI Model Training and Sustainability Focus

The collaboration between HPE and NVIDIA aims not only to speed up AI model training but also to address the sustainability concerns associated with the growing energy requirements of AI workloads. By 2028, it is estimated that AI workloads will demand about 20 gigawatts of power within data centers. HPE’s commitment to energy efficiency is evident in its liquid-cooling capabilities, driving up to a 20% performance improvement per kilowatt over air-cooled solutions while consuming 15% less power.

Conclusion: Empowering Enterprises to Shape the Future of AI

The supercomputing solution for generative AI is set to be available globally through HPE from December, offering organizations a powerful tool to drive their AI goals forward while minimizing their environmental impact. As the world transitions into a future dominated by AI, HPE, in collaboration with NVIDIA, emerges as a key player, providing not just technological prowess but a sustainable approach to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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