HPE Goes All-In on AI: Empowering Enterprises with Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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Generative AI is poised to revolutionize industries. From personalized medicine to hyper-realistic product design, its potential is limitless. But harnessing this power requires robust infrastructure. At its recent Discover conference, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) unveiled a comprehensive suite of hybrid cloud solutions designed to do just that, making AI accessible and manageable for enterprises of all sizes.

HPE GreenLake for File Storage gets a major upgrade, optimized for the demanding workloads of generative AI and large language models (LLMs). This all-flash data platform now boasts increased performance density, seamless integration with Nvidia’s Quantum-2 InfiniBand for enhanced GPU computing, and significantly boosted throughput and capacity. This translates to faster model training, smoother tuning, and the ability to handle even the most complex AI projects.

But HPE’s vision goes beyond hardware. It’s about making AI user-friendly and adaptable. That’s where the collaboration with Nvidia comes in. Together, they’ve created a dedicated platform for generative AI tuning and inferencing. This means businesses can now customize AI models with their private data and deploy them seamlessly across local devices and cloud environments. No more complex infrastructure hurdles – just intuitive tools for building and deploying powerful AI solutions.

The platform leverages a rack-scale architecture, treating an entire server rack as a single entity for optimal resource allocation. It incorporates HPE ProLiant DL380a servers equipped with Nvidia L40S GPUs and BlueField-3 DPUs, ensuring unparalleled processing power.

And HPE isn’t stopping there. Their Machine Learning Development Environment Software is now a cloud-based managed service, making AI model training quicker, safer, and more accessible. This simplifies the process, reduces strain on resources, and empowers businesses to rapidly prototype and test their generative AI models.

HPE Ezmeral Software gets a data lakehouse makeover, optimized for GPU and CPU usage, enabling faster data management and analysis. Integration with the Machine Learning Development Environment further streamlines model training and tuning. Ezmeral also boasts enhanced GPU allocation management and support for more third-party tools, like Whylogs and Voltron Data, for comprehensive monitoring and accelerated data queries.

These powerful solutions are just the beginning. HPE is also introducing a GreenLake Flex Solution for Digital Twin, built on Nvidia OVX-certified HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers with Nvidia L40S GPUs. This empowers users to create, simulate, and optimize virtual assets and processes, unlocking the potential of industrial digitalization. It’s a scalable, multi-GPU framework that combines the flexibility of a public cloud with the security of a private cloud, offering the best of both worlds.

HPE’s commitment to AI is clear. With its hybrid cloud offerings, businesses can now embrace generative AI with confidence. Whether you’re developing a new drug or optimizing your manufacturing line, HPE provides the tools and infrastructure to transform your vision into reality.

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