Cisco Live Amsterdam: Unveiling Cisco’s Best Portfolio Ever with AI and Security

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The stage was set, and the spotlight shone brightly on Cisco‘s President for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Oliver Tuszik, as he took center stage at Cisco Live Amsterdam. This event, boasting over 14,000 attendees, showcased not only the momentum of technology in the region but also the critical role Cisco plays in steering this tech revolution.

The Tech Imperative: Challenges and Solutions

In a world grappling with challenges like war, climate change, energy costs, and political instability, Tuszik emphasized the pivotal role of technology. “It’s clear that technology is key,” he stated, underlining its indispensable role in overcoming global challenges.

Cisco Live served as a platform to spotlight the innovations that make a difference in the world. Artificial Intelligence (AI), labeled by Tuszik as “the biggest disruptor ever,” took center stage. Addressing the challenges posed by AI required, in Tuszik’s words, “the best Cisco portfolio ever.”

AI Empowering the Network of the Future

Jonathan Davidson, Cisco’s EVP and General Manager for Networking, delved into the advancements facilitated by AI in Cisco solutions, spanning networking, security, collaboration, and beyond. A notable innovation highlighted was the Cisco Networking Cloud—an AI-powered, platform-driven solution resolving network complexity, observability, and security.

“The Cisco Networking Cloud is an integrated platform for on-premise and cloud operating models,” explained Davidson. “It lets you manage all of the Cisco networking assets and products from one place.” The platform, powered by AI, simplifies, secures, and scales operations across the entire network infrastructure.

Strategic Alliances for Future Leadership

To further fortify their position, Cisco announced strategic partnerships with NVIDIA and Nutanix. NVIDIA, synonymous with AI, joined forces with Cisco on enterprise ethernet networking solutions. The integration of NVIDIA GPUs into Cisco servers and networking solutions aims to design reliable, fast, and scalable architectures for AI workloads.

Nutanix and Cisco collaborated to create a fully integrated hyper-converged solution, encompassing compute, networking, and storage across data centers and clouds.

Security in a Cloud-Based World

Jeetu Patel, Cisco EVP, and GM of Security and Collaboration, outlined significant developments in the Cisco Security Cloud. This comprehensive solution provides integrated, end-to-end protection in a landscape cluttered with security solutions from numerous vendors.

A highlight was the introduction of the AI Assistant for Security, automating and simplifying tasks with advanced natural language models. Patel emphasized, “We are going to make sure that every person managing a security infrastructure has an assistant.”

Data Protection and Identity in the AI Era

With the increasing reliance on AI, Cisco prioritizes securing AI with intellectual property protection. Advanced AI for email threat detection was also unveiled, enabling the identification of patterns in emails using advanced AI.

Cisco’s identity protection extends beyond human-to-machine interactions, detecting the smallest anomalies in behavior. Patel stressed, “Cisco identity intelligence is going to be completely open, work with any identity provider, cover human, machine, and service identity, and be behavior-aware.”

Tech for a Sustainable Future

Adele Trombetta, Cisco’s SVP and GM for CX in EMEA, delved into the synergy between technology and sustainability. Leveraging Cisco technology, including Silicon One and AI, businesses can achieve profitable growth while meeting sustainability goals. Trombetta shared, “With the power of Cisco technology, we can help reimagine your data center with 40 percent less power capacity.”

Cisco’s commitment to sustainability is evident in features embedded in technologies like Webex Control Hub, offering energy-saving capabilities.

Customer Zero and Real-World Testing

Cisco CIO Fletcher Previn, dubbed “Customer Zero,” highlighted the real-world testing approach. No Cisco product ships without being fully tested and adopted under real-world conditions, starting with Previn and his team.

The impact of AI, especially in productivity, simplicity, and energy savings, was evident. Previn emphasized, “I can just take advantage of the entire integrated platform. That’s saving me complexity and making the IT job a lot simpler.”

Conclusion: A Future Defined by Innovation

Cisco Live Amsterdam not only showcased groundbreaking innovations but also painted a vivid picture of the future—a future defined by the transformative power of AI, simplicity, security, and sustainability. As Jeetu Patel aptly concluded, “There’s just a tremendous amount of innovation in all the areas of our business, from networking to security, to observability to collaboration. We’re so excited and thrilled to bring all of this capability to you.”

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