Arista Introduces Macro-Segmentation Service to Fortify Network Security

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Arista Networks unveils its Macro-Segmentation Service (MSS) software, an extension of its Extensible Operating System (EOS), designed to bolster security in campus and data center networks. With a focus on reducing the blast radius of security breaches, MSS sets up microperimeters to restrict lateral movement within the network, offering enhanced protection against evolving threats.

Key Features of Arista Macro-Segmentation Service:
  1. Stateless Wire-Speed Enforcement: MSS enables east-west lateral protection through stateless wire-speed enforcement in the network, facilitating zero-trust segmentation to prevent unauthorized movement.
  2. Integration with CloudVision Management Platform: Tight integration with Arista’s CloudVision platform provides comprehensive visibility, orchestration, and analytics across the data center, campus, and edge networks, enabling centralized management of network security policies.
  3. Collaboration with Security Partners: MSS seamlessly integrates with leading firewall and cloud proxy solutions from partners such as Palo Alto Networks and Zscaler, allowing for stateful network enforcement and inter-zone traffic management.
  4. Endpoint Agnostic Approach: MSS operates without the need for endpoint software agents or proprietary network protocols, simplifying deployment and reducing operational overhead.
  5. Ask AVA Support for Management: MSS extends support for Arista’s Ask AVA (Autonomous Virtual Assist) service, offering operators a chat-like interface to navigate dashboard data, query policy violations, and manage microperimeters efficiently.
Benefits and Implications:
  • Enhanced Security: By establishing microperimeters and facilitating zero-trust segmentation, MSS strengthens network security, minimizing the impact of security breaches and mitigating lateral movement risks.
  • Simplified Management: Integration with CloudVision and Ask AVA streamlines network management processes, providing operators with centralized visibility and control over security policies.
  • Cost Efficiency: MSS reduces the need for multiple layers of network security appliances and proprietary protocols, optimizing resource utilization and lowering operational costs.

Future Outlook: Arista‘s MSS products lay the foundation for a zero-trust architecture, aligning with the company’s commitment to delivering robust security solutions for enterprise customers. With ongoing enhancements and integrations, MSS aims to address evolving security challenges and ensure comprehensive protection across diverse network environments.

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