How to Activate a Cisco License?

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What should I do after I purchase a license? How to activate a Cisco license? Some users who bought a Cisco license may be not clear that how to activate the Cisco license. Here, we will share the easy tips and steps of acting your Cisco license.

Below items you need to prepare:

a. PAK (11 numbers ID), is offered by CISCO.

Note: There are two methods of PAK delivery. The first is a paper certificate sent via standard postal carrier. The second, and more efficient method, is to select eDelivery for electronic delivery of the PAK. The eDelivery SKU’s are differentiated from standard SKU’s by having “L-” prefix in the SKU name. Select this option, when available and it will save a lot of time in shipment.

b. CISCO account ID and Password to login on CISCO website.

c. Serial no. on machine & PID (got by show license UDI).

Note: During this process, you may need the product Unique Device Identifier (UDI) that the license will be tied to. Depending on the product, this could either be the device serial number, MAC address, etc. Please refer to the product documentation to verify the appropriate UDI information for your device. You may also need to supply the hostname of the unit, your email address, and the physical address of the device.

How to Activate a Cisco License? More Steps:

1. Login on: Once the PAK ID has been received, it can be used to redeem the license online at:

2. Fill in the PAK, and submit.

3. If you have more different feature license, you can combine it into a license file, and click on “all done” and then fill in the requested info of machine.

4. Fill in the “product ID” & “serial no” to get “license”. Read the “End User License Agreement” and click on “ Agreement” , then edit or verify “Registration Information” & “End User Information”. It is very important to make sure you can get the license file finally. And next, click on “Continue”.

5. Check “Summarized Information”, and then click “Submit”.

6. Click “Download license”or check the attached file in your email.

7. Upload “ license file” to the router, and use the command of ”copy tftp flash0:”. And use the command of “license install” on router to install it.

8. “Reload” the router, and check if the license has been activated on “show version”.


More TIPS you can get while activating your Cisco license:

Many other licensing activities can be accomplished through the online portal, too. This includes registering a new license, rehosting a license due to RMA, and applying for a temporary or demo license. There is a FAQ document and video also available from the website for additional best practices.

If you are unable to perform the licensing activity online, the Global Licensing Operation (GLO) team can provide assistance. There are 3 ways to open a case with GLO:

  • The first is via the online portal at After selecting the appropriate technology and sub-technology, be sure to select “Licensing” listed under “Type of Problem”. This is the preferred method and the most efficient method for customers to open severity 3 service requests.
  • The second is by calling 800-553-2447 (in the US and Canada). Use this link for global numbers, This should be used for urgent situations such as a network down or severe degradation to reach someone quickly.
  • Lastly, is to email GLO at

Each of these has pros and cons, but we definitely encourage customers to use the website whenever possible and to call us whenever necessary. Using the website is truly the optimal method for non-urgent issues. The first two methods can also be used to contact TAC to reach an engineer.

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