Cisco Live 2024丨Cisco’s Comprehensive AI Strategy: New Products, Partnerships, and Investments

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The Fast-Paced AI Evolution

At the Cisco Live customer conclave in Las Vegas, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins emphasized the accelerating pace of AI development, likening it to the cloud transition “on steroids.” Highlighting new networking, management, and security products, as well as strategic partnerships and investments, Cisco aims to drive enterprise AI deployments at an unprecedented rate.

AI: The Next Big Leap

“AI is moving at an unprecedented pace, especially when you compare it to, say, some of the technologies that we talked about over the years. How long did we talk about 5G before we deployed it?” Robbins remarked during his keynote. He noted that generative AI is quickly being integrated across Cisco’s product portfolio, urging businesses to identify and leverage AI use cases.

Cisco Nexus HyperFabric AI Clusters

Cisco introduced the Nexus HyperFabric AI cluster, set for trials in Q4. This turnkey AI package includes:

  • Cisco 6000 Series Switch: Supports spine and leaf implementation with 400G and 800G Ethernet fabrics.
  • NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPU and SuperNIC: Offers GPU integration and AI pod-building reference designs.
  • Vast Data Platform: Provides unified storage, database, and a data-driven function engine tailored for AI.

“HyperFabric is an automated, intelligent AI-native solution designed to bring simplicity and AI to the on-premise enterprise data center,” said Jonathan Davidson, EVP and GM of Cisco Networking.

AI-Native Digital Experience Assurance

Cisco expanded its ThousandEyes network intelligence platform, extending Digital Experience Assurance across cloud environments like AWS. This allows customers to pinpoint problems across both owned and cloud resources. With over 650 billion daily measurements and AI-driven intelligence, ThousandEyes can quickly identify and resolve network issues.

Key Features:

  • Event Detection: Reduces problem identification from hours to minutes.
  • Endpoint Experience: Integrates with Meraki Wi-Fi and LAN telemetry for deeper local network insights.
Hypershield and Enhanced Security

Cisco also announced Hypershield, an AI-based security fabric supporting AMD Pensando DPUs and eventually Intel IPUs. Hypershield combines AI software, VMs, and other technologies to offer:

  • Autonomous Network Segmentation: Quickly isolates threats.
  • Rapid Exploit Protection: Provides immediate security without needing patches.
  • Automatic Software Upgrades: Ensures continuous protection without disrupting operations.
Cisco Security Cloud Control

Cisco introduced Security Cloud Control, an AI-native management architecture for configuring and monitoring the Cisco Security Cloud, starting with network security solutions. Scheduled for initial availability by October, it aims to simplify security administration and provide actionable insights across hybrid environments.

New Additions:

  • Secure Firewall 1200 Series: Integrates advanced security and SD-WAN connectivity.
  • Firewall Threat Defense (FTD) 7.6: Utilizes AI to prevent zero-day threats and supports over 70 generative AI apps.
AI Training and Certification

Cisco is launching new AI career initiatives, including partner specialization training and a vendor-agnostic AI certification for designing AI architecture. These programs aim to equip business partners and professionals with the skills needed to optimize AI infrastructure using Cisco technology.

$1 Billion AI Investment Fund

Cisco announced a $1 billion global AI investment fund to support the startup ecosystem and develop secure AI solutions. Initial investments include Cohere, Mistral AI, and Scale AI. Over the past few years, Cisco has invested in or acquired more than 20 AI-focused vendors.

Expert Insights and Partner Ecosystem

Vijay Bhagavath, VP of research at IDC, noted the competitive edge of Cisco’s Nexus HyperFabric AI cluster. The integrated solution simplifies AI deployment for enterprises, offering a significant market advantage. Meanwhile, Jim Frey, principal analyst of networking for the Enterprise Strategy Group, emphasized the need for a coherent AI roadmap to stay competitive.

Partner Support with

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Conclusion: Embracing the AI-Powered Future

Cisco’s AI strategy, encompassing new products, partnerships, and investments, is set to transform enterprise operations. By integrating AI across its portfolio, Cisco promises enhanced performance, security, and manageability. For more information on how Cisco’s solutions can revolutionize your AI strategy, visit Discover the range of products and services designed to meet the dynamic needs of today’s digital enterprises.

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