Huawei’s Next-Gen All-Optical Network: A Leap Forward in Urban Rail Intelligence

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In a significant move towards advancing intelligent urban rail systems, Huawei recently revealed its “Smart Urban Rail All-Optical Network Technical White Paper” at the Huawei Global Railway Summit of Asia Pacific Rail 2024 in Bangkok. Xiang Xi, Director of the Overseas Railway Development Department of Huawei Smart Transportation BU, showcased Huawei’s cutting-edge solution aimed at transforming urban rail infrastructure.

The Problem: Need for Intelligent Urban Rail Systems

Urban rail systems worldwide are grappling with the challenges of ensuring high security, reliability, and efficiency while managing growing passenger volumes and complex networks. Traditional rail networks often struggle with issues like high latency, limited scalability, and cumbersome operations and maintenance (O&M) processes. To address these challenges, a robust, scalable, and intelligent infrastructure is essential.

The Solution: Huawei’s All-Optical Network Based on F5G Technology

Huawei‘s newly released white paper introduces the next-generation urban rail all-optical network solution grounded in Huawei’s Fifth-Generation Fixed Network (F5G) technology. This innovative solution is designed to create a reliable foundation for high-quality urban rail development by integrating cloud-based, intelligent, and networked operations.

Key Features and Benefits
  1. Security and Reliability
    • Isolation and Zero Crosstalk: Timeslot and wavelength hard slices ensure multi-service isolation with zero crosstalk.
    • Low Latency: End-to-end deterministic millisecond-level latency enhances user experience.
    • High Availability: Device-level, network-level, and link-level protection guarantee 99.999% network availability, ensuring uninterrupted service.
  2. Flexible Capacity Expansion
    • Innovative Topology: The “gray + color light” solution allows the original 100G gray ring topology to remain unchanged while supporting n x 10G color wavelengths expansion with minimal upgrades.
    • Modular Expansion: The network can be expanded on-demand, fulfilling future full-lifecycle evolution requirements without massive overhauls.
  3. Simplified O&M
    • AI-Powered Management: The intelligent platform supports resource visualization, online fiber detection, and intelligent fault root cause analysis.
    • Efficient O&M Services: The simplified O&M services enhance operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
Real-World Impact and Future Prospects

Huawei‘s smart urban rail all-optical network solution is already making a substantial impact globally. To date, Huawei’s technology serves more than 150,000 km of railways and supports over 300 urban rail lines across more than 70 cities worldwide. This extensive deployment underscores the reliability and effectiveness of Huawei’s solutions in real-world scenarios.

Collaborating for Future Innovation

Looking ahead, Huawei is committed to continuous innovation and collaboration with customers and partners. This collaborative approach aims to drive sustainable evolution towards high-quality and intelligent urban rail transit development, ensuring that urban rail systems can meet future demands efficiently and effectively.

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Huawei‘s unveiling of the Smart Urban Rail All-Optical Network marks a significant milestone in the journey towards intelligent urban rail systems. With its robust security, flexible capacity expansion, and simplified O&M, this solution promises to revolutionize urban rail infrastructure.

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