Dell and Broadcom Announce New Agreement for Co-Engineered Hyperconverged Solutions

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Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) has announced a new agreement with Broadcom Inc. to continue offering advanced solutions that leverage Dell’s industry-leading infrastructure portfolio and VMware cloud infrastructure software.

Building on a Strong Foundation

This agreement builds on the longstanding partnership between Dell and VMware, which spans over 20 years. It aims to deliver co-engineered solutions that support modern applications at cloud scale and optimize enterprise data centers. The solutions under this agreement include Dell VxRail, Dell vSAN Ready Nodes hyperconverged infrastructure, Dell PowerEdge servers, and Dell PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure.

Flexibility and Choice for Multicloud Environments

“Dell Technologies offers organizations the flexibility and choice to adopt a multicloud approach with the cloud stack that best addresses the demands of their IT environment,” said Gil Shneorson, Senior Vice President, Solutions Platforms, Dell Technologies. “Dell VxRail has helped define the HCI category with its superior performance and automated lifecycle management, boasting a global community of 20,000 customers and nearly 300,000 nodes deployed worldwide. Through this agreement, Dell and Broadcom will continue to offer solutions that meet the needs of VMware deployments spanning edge to core to cloud.”

Key Highlights of the Agreement:
  • Dell VxRail: Known for its superior performance and automated lifecycle management, VxRail is a cornerstone for many enterprises, with 20,000 customers and nearly 300,000 nodes deployed globally.
  • Dell vSAN Ready Nodes: These nodes offer a robust, scalable solution for hyperconverged infrastructure.
  • Dell PowerEdge Servers: Providing a reliable and high-performance foundation for various data center needs.
  • Dell PowerFlex: A software-defined infrastructure solution designed to offer flexibility and scalability.
Strategic Benefits:
  • Co-Engineered Solutions: Combining the strengths of Dell’s hardware and VMware’s cloud infrastructure to provide optimized, integrated solutions.
  • Enhanced Multicloud Support: Enabling organizations to adopt a multicloud strategy that fits their unique IT needs.
  • Optimized Data Centers: Helping businesses modernize their applications and data centers for improved efficiency and performance.

The extended agreement between Dell Technologies and Broadcom highlights their commitment to delivering cutting-edge hyperconverged solutions. By building on their decades-long relationship and leveraging their combined expertise, Dell and Broadcom are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

For more information on how Dell Technologies and Broadcom can help your organization optimize its data center and embrace a multicloud strategy, explore the more at

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