Cisco Integrated Services G2 Routers, Innovation Engine for Borderless Networks

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Cisco Integrated Services Router is a big family including Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 1 and Generation 2. Now, the popular is generation 2—the featured products: Cisco 3900, Cisco 2900, Cisco 1900, delivering highly secure concurrent services for broadband access to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), enterprise small offices and teleworkers.

Cisco’s ISR G2 routers are designed to provide satellite offices of large businesses with enhanced video and voice applications, virtual networking, protection, and reliable connectivity. Integrated Services G2 routers introduce a design that preserves past investments in service modules for first-generation ISR routers and reduces down-the-line expenses by permitting field installation of additional modules as they become available. Compared to older Integrated Services Routers, Cisco’s Integrated Services G2 routers feature 2-7 times more performance, substantially more, and easier maintenance.

All Integrated Services Generation 2 routers support gigabit switching and include multi-core processors and ultra-fast fabric for higher throughput. ISR Generation 2 routers also support intelligent power management for improved energy conservation.

A key innovation with Integrated Services Generation 2 routers is the IOS Universal image which contains all of the IOS technology sets so that you can quickly license and activate extra features as required without having to acquire and copy a new IOS image to your router. Progent’s team of CCIE network engineers can provide proven skills to assist you to design, implement, and support multi-site installations of Cisco ISR Generation 2 routers that enhance satellite office productivity and reduce the costs of expansion and maintenance.


Details and Features of Cisco Branch Routers

Cisco 1900 ISR G2 RoutersCisco 1900 ISR G2 router
Cisco 1900 Series ISR G2 routers offer accelerated hardware encryption, optional Cisco IOS firewall, Cisco IOS intrusion prevention, and as many as 11 modular Ethernet switch ports.

The 1941W router provides an integrated Wi-Fi access point that allows wireless connectivity to high-bandwidth data, voice, and video through Multi-Input, Multiple-output support that improves coverage for existing 802.11a/b/g clients. Interface options for the Cisco 1941 and 1941W ISR G2 routers include T1/E1, xDSL, 3G, and GbE.

Compared to the previous generation 1841 Integrated Services router which they are designed to substitute for, the 1900 Series ISR G2 routers include 256 megabytes vs. 32 of CompactFlash storage as standard and flash can be increased to 4GB instead of 128 megabytes. Default dynamic RAM size is 256 MB vs. 128 and maximum DRAM size is 2.25 GB compared to 384 megabytes.

In contrast to the 1841 router, Cisco 1900 Series  include a USB console instead of the older DB-9 connector and include a slot for the recently introduced Internal Services Module to replace the slot for the previous and slower Advanced Integration Module. In contrast to top-of-the-line ISR Generation 2 routers, the 1941 Series Integrated Services G2 routers do not support redundant power or slots for PVDM modules.


Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services RouterCisco 2900 ISR G2 Router

Cisco 2900 ISR G2 Routers are available in four versions which correspond to the routers in Cisco’s successful 2800 router family. Cisco’s 2900 Integrated Services G2 routers offer on-board hardware encryption acceleration, voice and video ready DSP slots, optional firewall, IOS intrusion prevention, call processing, and from 16 up to 50 Ethernet switches. The integrated encryption hardware supports IPsec and SSL VPN for safe off-site connections and is significantly higher performing than the Advanced Integration Modules supported by Cisco 2800 series routers.

The top-of-the-line Cisco 2951 ISR G2 router can handle 600 Session Initiation Protocol sessions. Wired and wireless connectivity alternatives include T1/E1, T3/E3, ADSL and SDSL, as well as GE.

Cisco 2900 ISR G2 routers support Cisco’s Enhanced EtherSwitch Service Modules, offering high-throughput capability identical to the Catalyst 2960 and Catalyst 3650-E Series Switches. Compared to the previous 2821 ISR router that the 2921 ISR G2 router is designed to replace, the 2921 router is offered by default with 256 megabytes vs. 64 MB of CompactFlash storage and can be expanded to 4 gigabytes vs. 256 megabytes. Standard dynamic RAM capacity is 512 MB vs. 256 and maximum dynamic RAM capacity is 2.5 gigabytes compared to 1 gigabytes.


Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services G2 RoutersCisco 3900 Series Integrated Services G2 router

Cisco offers four models for the high-end 3900 Series ISR G2 router, the Cisco 3925, 3945, 3925E, and 3945E. These devices deliver the top performance and slot densities in Cisco’s ISR Generation 2 product line and support high-speed digital signal processors for the most demanding voice/video applications, fast on-board encryption, a wide selection of interface alternatives, up to 98 modular Ethernet LAN Switchports, and as many as 2,500 SIP sessions.

To preserve your investment, the 3900 ISR G2 routers support Cisco’s Services Performance Engine, a modular motherboard that can be swapped out in the field to improve processing power without forcing you to purchase another device. Like other ISR G2 routers, Cisco’s 3900 family also preserves past network investments by being compatible with most of the modules from older Cisco ISR routers. For advanced fault tolerance, 3900 Series Integrated Services G2 offer dual power supplies.

Compared to the previous model 3825 Integrated Services router which the Cisco 2921 Integrated Services G2 router is intended to replace, the 3925 router is offered standard with 256 megabytes instead of 64 megabytes of CompactFlash memory and can be expanded to 4 gigabytes compared to 256 MB. Default DRAM capacity is 1 gigabyte vs. 256 MB and maximum dynamic RAM size is 4 gigabytes instead of 1 GB.

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