Huawei OLT EA5801 Models: EA5801-GP08 and EA5801-CG04

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Huawei OLT (optical line termination) series devices provide customers various sub-series for their different needs.

I have introduced the popular series EA5800 before, in this article, I will introduce the SmartAX EA5801 series. (Read the OLT Device Introduction: Huawei SmartAX EA5800 Series)

Huawei OLT SmartAX EA5801 Series Overview

The EA5801 is a compact and low-density box-shaped OLT. It provides GPON or XG-PON&GPON combo access, and supports passive optical LAN (POL) and fiber to the home (FTTH) solutions. It carries all services over one fiber network, simplifying network architecture and reducing OPEX. The EA5801 houses integrated control and service module, 1 pluggable fan module and 2 pluggable power modules. The EA5801 supports two types of subracks: EA5801-GP08 and EA5801-CG04.

Huawei OLT SmartAX EA5801 Series Appearance

This figure shows the appearance of EA5801-GP08 and EA5801-CG04.

Huawei OLT EA5801-GP08-DC vs EA5801-CG04

Huawei OLT SmartAX EA5801 Series Highlights

The EA5801 provides these highlights:

– Light-Weight 1U OLT, Adapting to Various Scenarios

– EA5801-CG04 supports the PON combo technology, and can work with the built-in WDM1r optical module to support smooth evolution from GPON to XG-PON.

– The EA5801 can be installed in indoors or outdoors cabinets.

huawei olt ea5801

Huawei OLT SmartAX EA5801 Series Specification

This table shows the specification of the OLT EA5801.

Item Value
Width x Depth x Height
Excluding mounting ears: 442×222.3×43.6
Including IEC mounting ears: 482.6×222.3×43.6
Including ETSI mounting ears: 535×222.3×43.6
Power supply mode • DC power supply (dual for backup)
• AC power supply (dual for backup)
Working voltage range • DC power supply: -38.4 V to -72 V
• AC power supply: 100 V to 240 V
Rated voltage • DC power supply: -48 V/-60 V
• AC power supply: 110V/220V
Maximum input current • DC power supply: 6 A
• AC power supply: 2.5 A
Ambient temperature -40°C to +65°C*
It can start up at a lowest temperature of -25°C .
*The +65°C temperature refers to the highest temperature measured at the air intake vent.
Ambient humidity 5% RH to 95% RH
Atmospheric pressure 70 kPa to 106 kPa
Altitude < 4000 m
The air density varies with the altitude and will affect the heat dissipation of a device. Therefore, the working environment temperature of the device varies with the altitude.
System Layer 2 packet
forwarding rate
13 Mpps
MAC address 32768
Access ONT 1024
IPv4 routing table 8192
IPv6 routing table 4096
ARP table 16384
Bit error rate (BER) in full load A BER smaller than 10 e-7 for a port that transmits data in full load
GE upstream ports 2 optical/electrical combo ports
10GE/GE upstream ports 2
Service ports • EA5801-GP08: 8 GPON
• EA5801-CG04: 4 XG-PON&GPON combo

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