What’s Your Habit While Shopping or Shopping Online?

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Some experts did some analysis on the shopping habits of men and women, which turns out a big difference between men and women.

Statistically it is mostly women who say they ‘love to shop’. There are many companies or enterprises that observe the shopping habits of their consumers in very great detail and possible aspects.

What kind of information of clients do companies need gathering? For example, how much time long will you spend on shopping? What goods you wanna buy? Where are you from? What shopping way you like, online or go to store? What is your gender? What did you look at first? Did you check price, quality, and color? What you like to pay more attention to while shopping your target goods? The list goes on and on, which depends on your target clients and markets. Take an exact example, If you are a Cisco supplier—sale network hardware, and your target market is Middle East, so you need to get information of cisco selling as much as possible in that area, including the shopping habits of their people, the structure of their network equipment market, what kind of organizations like to use Cisco equipment, what they care about Cisco hardware while buying Cisco equipment, such as price, quality, way of payment and shipment, before and after service, etc. all these factors you need to take into account, also can be continued…


There are some basic tips of men and women’s shopping habits you can check as follows:

Men look on shopping as a mission. Their Commander gives them an assignment. They locate the target. They secure the target. They make payment and exit the location as quickly as possible, with little or no contact with store personnel. They report back to the Commander. Mission accomplished! Grab a beer and celebrate!

Men generally shop alone. Men seldom compare prices unless buying some professional equipment and expensive goods. Men don’t care if the item is on sale. Men really don’t care about the color. Men sometimes compare quality, but usually only when it involves tools.

Honestly guys, how many times have you gone shopping for clothes and come home with yet another tie or shirt that a sharp sales person flattered you into buying because it ‘brought out the color of your eyes’ or was just the right shade to compliment the pants you were purchasing’?

Men generally don’t take men friends with them shopping. Most of us really don’t want Ted advising us that ‘Jim. That is the perfect color on you’ or ‘Jim; those pants fit you nicely and make you look thin’. …

Women on the other hand, look on shopping as a social event and love to bring their girl friends along. They enjoy taking several outfits into the dressing room to try on. All outfits may be the same style, cut and size but they are different colors and women love to try everyone on and have their friends critique them in each one. Women tend to compare their choices in greater detail. Price, quality, feel and whether their friends like it on them. Many times women will spend all day looking at several items in different stores and still not buy anything. Women prefer to go shopping with girl friends rather than spouses.


What Shopping Online Looks Like?

All right, today, with the fast development of mobile internet and networking, more and more men and women prefer buying online to going to store for shopping. In fact, shopping online is not only a cool thing, but also a trend with smart phone’s popularization. Shopping online also allows you to compare prices easier rather than going store to store.


Here the graph of Men vs. Women: Online Shopping Habits


It is apparent from the many studies that men and women do shop very differently, such as age, what they care more, mission or social event, etc. So for a company, what your target clients’ shopping habit is necessary be considered?

Also one more issue can be noticed, that is mobile internet is a main trend in the near future in network world. Increasing people will choose their mobile devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, iPad, etc. to shop online, for it is more convenient and more flexible. Do you wanna enjoy that kind of shopping, online or shopping by your mobile phone?


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