Internet Can Do for You…

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Internet plays a vital role in our daily life, work and business. Can you list some things you do by internet? Hmm, I believe that everyone can list at least five things you do through internet every day, such as chatting with friends and families, shopping online, sending e-mail, reading news, video conference, etc. Here we collect the main things we do via internet? Are they in your daily life? Let’s check here.

The Internet can do for you like this:

1) Direct or indirect communication–the INTERNET, a communication media, is used to send messages and emails to our family, friends, coworkers and boss in few seconds, never need face to face talking. The direct or indirect communication often happen among strangers, new friends, good friends and other people by internet, no matter how far between them.

Direct or indirect communication by internet

2) ChattingChatting is a facility that provided by internet. Chatting through internet can increase our knowledge, broaden our view sight, and inspire us. So chatting online is a good way to make new friends and get fresh ideas.

Chatting by Internet

3) Online Shopping–Wow, thanks to the amazing internet, we can shop everything we want by internet. There is a broad variety of online stores to buy books, clothes, cosmetics, foods and kitchen ware, even cars and houses. By the way, to build your better network, you need to choose a better hardware. Which brand is the best in your mind? Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, Linksys or others? Share your experience and stories. …


5) Knowledge Base–As we known, the internet is the good medium for searching various information and knowledge because it associated by people around the globe. Using the special program called search engine like Google, yahoo or Bing. We can search detail information related to any specific topic.

4) Distance Education–The internet provides a perfect medium for sharing knowledge and information. We can simply take higher education by usage internet programs. You can take all kinds of free course from famous universities. Have a try.

6) Banking–The banking industry was one of the first IT to automate operations and save costs. The usage of ATM , we can withdraw our money by usage of internet we can take our account details, new schemes to related bank and now a days, we can send money from one place to another place by usage of internet.

online Banking

7) Travel–Travelling is a popular way to relax ourselves and enjoy the different foods and experience various cultures. You can book airlines, railway and bus tickets and hotels via internet.

8) Bill Payments–The governments and organizations have realized the benefits of IT. By using this, we can pay for our daily water like water, electricity, phone fees, etc. online. You can deal with these main payment matters by internet using credit cards.

Bill Payments

9) E-mail–E-mail has made the world the small place. Email is a connecting media to each other. By usage of email, we can send various types of files like text file, images, videos, sounds and geographies file. We can receive and send email from any computer if our computer is connected to internet.


Indeed, we have quite a colorful world with the emergence and rapid development of the internet. So welcome you to share any other interesting things internet can do for you?

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