Cisco 4500E Supervisor 8E vs. Supervisor 7E vs. Supervisor 7LE

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The main Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisors: the Supervisor 8E, Supervisor 7E and Supervisor 7LE. They are used for different purpose. What are their main highlights? In this article, we will discuss the main features of them. If you are interested in one of them, you can read here…

Supervisor Engine 7L-E-Optimized for Small/Medium Sized Campus Deployments

Supervisor Engine 7L-E is designed for Small/Medium Sized Campus Deployments to provide 520 Gbps per system with Catalyst 4500E-Series chassis. It builds on the success of its predecessor, Supervisor Engine 6L-E.

Supervisor Engine 7L-E


Supervisor Engine 7-E-Optimized for Large Enterprise Campus Deployments

Supervisor Engine 7-E, the first Cisco Catalyst supervisor engine, provides no blocking 48-Gbps per-slot bandwidth and FNF for optimized application visibility. It is an enterprise-class Borderless Networks access and aggregation supervisor engine and optimized for large enterprise campus deployments. 

Supervisor Engine 7-E


Supervisor8-E-Optimized for Large Enterprise Campus Converged Wired & Wireless Deployments

Now the latest Supervisor 8-E was designed to enable the Cisco Unified Access solution on Cisco Catalyst 4500E series (the world’s most widely deployed modular access switch). It is the first Cisco Catalyst supervisor engine to bring wired and wireless convergence to a single platform.

Supervisor Engine 8-E

NOTE: Platform Innovations

  • 48G/slot
  • Flexible NetFlow
  • UPOE
  • Hosted Applications
  • VRF-Lite, EVN
  • In Service Software Upgrade
  • VSS*(Available only Sup7-E, Sup7L-E)
  • Cisco TrustSec (MACSec)
  • Medianet

Catalyst 4500E Series Supervisors Comparison


Catalyst 4500E Series Supervisors Comparison-System


Catalyst 4500E Series Supervisors Comparison-Performance


Catalyst 4500E Series Supervisors Comparison-Scalability


Features Supported at FCS–IOS XE 3.5.0E

NOTE: Software Parity Feature List on SUP7E/7L-E/4500X

  • 802.3ah
  • ANCP
  • Autosmartport
  • Cisco Network Assistant
  • FlexLink
  • HOT Ice
  • ID4.1 802.1X User Distribution
  • IP4.1 ACL Policy Enhancements
  • IP4.1 MAC Move and Replace
  • IP4.1 NEAT
  • IP4.1 RADIUS CoA
  • IPSG for Static Hosts
  • IP Unnumbered
  • IPv6 Intf Stats and MIB
  • IPv6 PACL and RACL
  • IPv6 RA Guard (host mode only)
  • IS-IS v4, v6
  • Layer 2 Control Packet QoS
  • Link Debug
  • Link State Tracking
  • LLDP HA, CoS/DSCP Exchange, PoEP Enh.
  • Management Port
  • NMSP
  • PPPoE
  • PVL
  • QnQ and L2PT
  • REP
  • Subsecond UDLD
  • SwQoS
  • TACACS Aware VRF
  • VLAN Translation
  • WCCP Version 2
  • Y.1731 (AIS and RDI)

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