Cisco’s WAN Edge Routers

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Cisco’s midrange routers can provide larger businesses with high-performance, secure head ends to aggregate branch office and remote user traffic and to provide ISPs cost-effective wide area network edge solutions. Cisco’s WAN aggregation router product line features the Cisco 7200 and 7300 Series, the recently introduced ASR 1000 Series, the 7600 line, and the Cisco Catalyst 6000.

Cisco's WAN Edge Routers


Progent’s national team of CCIE network consultants have extensive backgrounds working with global businesses and service providers to plan optimal installations and smooth expansion of Cisco’s WAN edge routers. Progent’s , GIAC and CISM certified security consultants can provide objective, third-party security vulnerability evaluations and stealth penetration services to help companies with Cisco’s WAN aggregation routers to meet business guidelines and statutory mandates for IT data protection.


Cisco ASR 1000 Series WAN Edge RoutersCisco ASR 1000 Series WAN Edge Routers
Cisco’s ASR 1000 WAN Edge line of routers is designed to fill the middle of Cisco’s midrange products that concentrate on acting as headends at the WAN edge. Cisco’s ASR 1000 Series WAN Edge routers offer a small footprint, multi-function answer for enterprises who need branch office service aggregation at supergigabit Ethernet performance. ASR 1000 routers introduce an innovative design that mixes on-board acceleration with software versatility to deliver a rich set of concurrent services without sacrificing consistent responsiveness.

ASR 1000 WAN Edge routers feature Cisco’s proprietary QuantumFlow Processor incorporating 40 custom Packet Processing Engines (PPEs) that together can handle up to 160 simultaneous threads. This multi-processing structure, in conjunction with hardware acceleration for every service, enables the top-of-the-line ASR 1006 WAN Edge router to scale up to 128K queues, 32,000 subscribers, 4,000 IPsec tunnels at 10,000 sessions/second, and 2M Netflow log records. This processing capability allows Cisco’s ASR 1000 Series WAN Edge routers to support a variety of sophisticated services concurrently in massive volume while avoiding throughput degradation that might compromise compliance with service level agreements. Examples of these services include Cisco IOS Firewall, intrusion-detection services, NAT, FPM, and deep packet inspection. The ASR 1000 also permits tiered traffic management for applying numerous levels of Quality of Service to a packet in a single pass, enhancing responsiveness for high-bandwidth voice, video, and conferencing applications.


Cisco 7200 VXR Integrated Services Routers

Cisco 7200 VXR Integrated Services Routers

The Cisco 7200 VXR Series router delivers high levels of speed, modularity, and expandability in a compact form factor with a broad selection of configuration profiles. With processing throughput up to two million packets per second, port and service adapters ranging from NxDS0 to GbE, plus OC-3 along with an unprecedented number of high-volume IP services, the Cisco 7200 VXR Series router is the preferred broadband aggregation WAN and MAN edge solution for large corporations and ISPs.


The Cisco 7200 VXR router provides services aggregation by supporting up to 16K Point-to-Point Protocol sessions per unit, voice/video/data support via TDM-enabled VXR chassis and voice port adapters, direct IP-interconnections, and IP Security virtual private networking scalable to 5K tunnels per device.

The Cisco 7200 VXR Integrated Services router combines in a single chassis services formerly performed by separate devices. Through this consolidation, the 7200 VXR Series Integrated Services router offers a single, affordable platform that accommodates sophisticated network interfaces plus high-speed services aggregation including Point-to-Point Protocol, RFC 1483 termination, and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) tunneling; digital T1/E1 time-division multiplexer (TDM) trunk termination for voice; multichannel T3/E3 and T1/E1 with integrated channel service unit/data service unit; ATM, Packet over SONET (PoS), and Dynamic Packet Transport (DPT) connectivity; ATM IMA for voice; and low-density Layer 2 Ethernet switching.


Cisco 7600 Series RoutersCisco 7600 Series Routers
The Cisco 7600 Series Integrated Services router benefits from the Cisco Catalyst 6500 infrastructure by using an NEBS-3 chassis, 256-Gbps crossbar, and 30-Mpps switching performance. High availability is implemented through logical and physical redundancy as well as IOS Software functions. Also, the Cisco 7600 Series offers a broad set of high-touch IP network services at optical rates through various OSMs powered by Cisco patented Parallel Express Forwarding technology.

The 7609 provides the choice to select a 256-Gbps Switch Fabric Module or the standard 32-Gbps bus, which provide centralized switching performance of 30 Mpps or 15 million packets per second respectively. If the Switch Fabric Module is installed, the Cisco 7609 can in addition allow distributed switching with rates up to 168 million packets per second by using the Catalyst 6500 16-port Gbit Ethernet module, which is powered by the DFC and the Switch Fabric Module.

The Cisco 7603 router offers only the standard 32-Gbps data bus option and delivers 15 million packets per second switching performance. The 7603 does not offer Cisco’s distributed switching.


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