Cisco Aironet 1552E/EU vs. Aironet 1552C/CU vs.1552I vs.1552H Outdoor Points

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Besides the Indoor 802.11n Access Points of 600 series, 700W series, 1600 series, 2600 series and 3600 series and 802.11ac Access Points, including 2700 series and 3700 series, Cisco also developed its Outdoor Access Points like Cisco 1550 Series that was designed for seamless mobility across wired and wireless networks. . It delivers scalable and reliable multi-device and multi-network application delivery such as video surveillance, real-time data, and public and private Wi-Fi access. 

Cisco 1550 Series Models

Main benefits of Cisco Aironet 1550 Series:

Cisco Aironet 1550

  • Flexible deployment options: Access or mesh network, extension of an Ethernet network, and Ethernet, fiber, wireless, or cable backhaul.
  • Service provider support: Wi-Fi for next-generation mobile data offload and personalized mobile services.
  • Cisco CleanAir technology: Integrated spectrum intelligence to detect, classify, and mitigate RF interference from unauthorized wireless bridges or malicious devices.
  • High-bandwidth video surveillance over Wi-Fi without the high cost of installing cables over long distances.
  • High-performance, multipurpose network with low CapEx and OpEx.
  • Integrated wired and wireless: The Cisco Borderless Network Architecture provides cost savings with end‑to-end network access solutions that include wireless, switching, routing, and security.

In this article, we will compare the main Cisco Aironet 1550 series APs: Cisco Aironet 1552E/1552EU, Cisco Aironet 1552C/1552CU Cable Modem Access Points, Aironet 1552I Integrated Antenna Access Point and 1552H Hazardous Location Access Point.

Cisco Aironet Outdoor Access Points






External antennas

Cable modem

Internal antennas


Antennas E: Ext. dual-band
EU: Ext. single band
C: Internal
CU: External, single-band
Internal External dual-band
CleanAir Yes Yes Yes Yes
ClientLink Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fiber SPF optics Yes Yes
LAN port / PoE out
Yes Yes
Cable modem
(Class 1 Div2/Zone2)
Battery backup Yes
Power options AC, DC, PoE 40-90 VAC
Power over cable
Data rate 300 Mbps 300 Mbps 300 Mbps 300 Mbps
Radio design
2×3:2 2×3:2 2×3:2 2×3:2
BandSelect Yes Yes Yes Yes
VideoStream Yes/wired AP Yes/wired AP Yes/wired AP Yes/wired AP
Rogue AP detection Yes Yes Yes Yes
FlexConnect Yes/wired AP Yes/wired AP Yes/wired AP Yes/wired AP
Wireless mesh Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data uplink (Mbps) 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 10/100/1000
Temperature range °C -40 to 55 -40 to 55 -40 to 55 -40 to 55
Wi-Fi standards 802.11a/b/g/n 802.11a/b/g/n 802.11a/b/g/n 802.11a/b/g/n

Note: 1532I and 1532E available Q4 of calendar year 2013.

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