How to Use a Cisco Unified IP Phone 8831?

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Cisco Unified IP Phone 8831 is one of models of Cisco IP Phone 8800 family.

Cisco CP8831

Designed specifically for use in small to large-size conference rooms and executive offices, Cisco 8831 IP Phone delivers “as good as being there” acoustical performance with crisp highs and clear lows. How to start a Cisco IP Phone 8831? Let’s check the quick reference as follows.

Common Phone Tasks

Common Phone Tasks-Cisco 8831 IP Phone

Softkey Definitions

Answer Answer incoming call
Apps Access phone applications and phone settings menus
Call Place call to dialed number
Callback Receive notification when a busy extension becomes available
Calls List connected calls
Cancel Stop current operation
Conf Create conference call
ConfList View conference participants
Contacts Enter contacts menu to view corporate or personal address book contacts
Divert Redirect call
End Call End active call
Fwd All Forward all incoming calls
Hold Place active call on hold
Messages Set up, check, or listen to voice messages
More Display additional softkeys
New Call Place new call without disconnecting from current call
Park Park call and display its details
Redial Redial the most recently dialed number
Resume Resume on-hold call
Speed Dial Place call to selected entry
Transfer Transfer call


Phone Screen Icons

Phone Screen Icons-Cisco CP8831


Phone Buttons

Cisco IP Phone 8831-Phone Buttons


Phone Connections

Phone Connections-Cisco IP Phone 8831 Series

Bottom view of the Sound Base

1 Network cable port.
2 External power connection.
3 Display Control Unit USB port. Connects the DCU to the base.

Note: Press firmly to seat ferrite bead between cord posts.

4 Wired extension microphone jack.
5 Daisy chain cable port. Connects two Sound Base units in Linked Mode.


More about Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 Application Examples. You can refer to the following standard to select your Cisco CP8831.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 Application Examples

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