Cisco 4510E or Catalyst 6800ia Switch

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There is a typical question asked by Cisco users, which is about the choosing Cisco 4500E or Catalyst 6800 Series. The detailed question you can read as follows:

The Cisco switch users have the Cisco 6509-E chassis with WS-X6548-GE-TX POE line cards in 16 their wiring closet. We knew that Cisco has discontinued POE cards for 6500s. So they are looking for alternate options. One option is the Cisco 4500E chassis with POE+ line cards.

Cisco 4510E or Catalyst 6800ia Switch

The other option may be to have the Catalyst 6800 with FEXs like line cards. And the users guess that they will not need many chassis and SUPs for 6800.

“Is this like just have few chassis (3 or 4) with SUPs and have all the 6800 FEXs in other wiring closet?”  So they wanna know these features in the line cards for Cisco 6800s:

  • – Modules of 48x 1 Gig RJ-45 ports
  • – PoE + 
  • – dot1x
  • – Basic/Intermediate Layer 3 
  • – NSF
  • – Port Security features
  • – Other standard features for Access
  • – AVB wll be a plus

The Catalyst 6807/6880/6840 switch and the 6800IA FEX switch combo behave very similar to the Nexus 7K/5K & Nexus 2K.  

The 6800IA is a “remote” line card and all configurations and control is done on the “parent”-Cisco 6807/6880/6840.

The Catalyst 6800IA switch comes in 48-ports only PoE+ and non-PoE.

There is a 10-port 3560CX “dual” switch which can also be converted to IA image.

“Does the 6800 ia provide all features that you would need on access switch?”

YES. The 6800 ia switch can provide all features that you would need on access switch. Because the IOS of the 6800IA is based on the configuration of the Cisco 6807/6880/6840.

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More discussions: “My company is opening its sixth branch (HQ) with around 250 employee capacity. We are planning out the network and trying to decide which switch to get. The switch should support up to 350 PoE (considering space for growth). Which of the two is better, Catalyst 6509E or 4510E? Any better switch suggestions?” …Other equipment…Cisco3925e router, ASA 5515 and Dell M1000e blade servers.

Several choices you can get here:

  1. Cisco 3650 switches—these models replace the 3560-series switches, built-in WLC and can support up to 25 APs, stacking support.
  2. Catalyst 3850—This Cisco switch will replace the 3750-series switches, built-in WLC and can support up to 50 APs, stacking support.
  3. Cisco 4500R+E with Sup7e—Popular one if you don’t want any wireless;
  4. Cisco 4500R+E with Sup8–Basically a Sup7 but with a WLC that can support 100 AP;
  5. Cisco 6800X/3807X with 6800ia–It’s basically a new 6500 that has a Sup2T supervisor card. The 6800ia switch is a 48-port (no 24-port available) with PoE and is a DUMB switch.  All configuration is done on the 6800X/6807X.
  6. The Catalyst 2960X

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