The Updates, Something New about the Cisco Catalyst 3650 Switches

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Cisco released the Catalyst 3650 Series in 2013. It can act as a wired switch as well as a converged wired wireless switch.

Yes, the Cisco Catalyst 3650 is the next generation of enterprise-class standalone and stackable access-layer switches that provide full convergence between wired and wireless on a single platform.

Built on the advanced Cisco StackWise-160 technology and using Cisco’s new unified access data plane (UADP) application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), the Cisco Catalyst 3650 enables uniform wired-wireless policy enforcement, application visibility, flexibility, application optimization, and superior resiliency.

The Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series Switches support full IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), redundant fans, and new front-end power supplies. It enhances productivity by enabling applications such as IP telephony, wireless, and video for a true borderless network experience.

Cisco announced the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the popular Cisco Catalyst 3560-X and 3750-X Series Switches at the end of last year. They will be replaced by the new Cisco 3650 Series and the Catalyst 3850 switches. What benefits and more features can we get from this migrating?

Now, let’s look at some comparison of 3560-X and 3650.

Comparison of Cisco Catalyst 3560-X and 3650 Switches

Feature Cisco Catalyst 3560-X Cisco Catalyst 3650
Optional stacking No Yes (160 Gbps)
Native wireless controller support over Cisco IOS Software No Yes
10GE uplinks 2 x 10 GE (field-replaceable unit [FRU]) 4 x 10 GE/2 x 10 GE (fixed)
Buffers per 48 port 6 MB 12 MB
Native flexible NetFlow support No Yes
Multicore CPU for hosted services No Yes
Quality of service (QoS) model and queues per port MLS, 4 egress queues MQC, 8 egress queues
Flash/DRAM size 64 MB/256 MB 2 GB/4GB
External power system (XPS-2200) Yes No
Converged Access Solution No Yes
Operating system Cisco IOS Software Cisco IOS-XE Software


Introduction to Catalyst 3850 &3650 Switch

Catalyst 3850 & 3650

Note: The Left is the Cisco 3850 Series, and the Right one is the Catalyst 3650


How do the Cisco Catalyst 3650 switch features compare to those of Cisco Catalyst 3850? The following Table shows the feature comparison with Cisco Catalyst 3850.

Feature Comparison of Cisco Catalyst 3650 and Cisco 3850 Switches

Feature Cisco Catalyst 3650 Cisco Catalyst 3850
Stacking bandwidth/max members in stack 160G/9 480G/9
Cisco StackPower No Yes
Uplinks Fixed uplinks Modular uplinks
Memory/flash 4GB/2GB 4GB/2GB
Wireless 25 access points max as Mobility Controller 50 access points max as Mobility Controller
Stacking module Optional Built-in
Power Dual FRUs Dual FRUs; Expandable Power System (XPS)*
Smart operations Client, Director Client, director
Cisco TrustSec Secure Group Tagging (SGT), Secure Group Access (SGA), Media Access Control Security (MACsec) SGT, SGA, MACsec
Application visibility and control (AVC) Flexible NetFlow, Collaboration Protocols Recognition and Control (CPRC), Wireshark Flexible NetFlow, CPRC, Wireshark
High availability Stateful Switchover (SSO) SSO
Power supply New front-end power supplies: 250WAC, 640WAC, 640WDC, and 1025WAC Front-end power supplies: 350WAC, 715WAC, 1100WAC, and 440WDC

* On Cisco Catalyst 3850 roadmap.

The Cisco 3650 and Catalyst 3850 Feature Matrix

The Cisco 3650 & 3850 Feature Matrix

Cisco IOS Software Feature Set Differences

Functions LAN Base IP Base IP Services
Layer 2+ Enterprise access Layer 2Wide range of Layer 2 access features for enterprise deployments supports Cisco StackPower technology Complete Access Layer 2Supports all Cisco Catalyst 2000 and Cisco Catalyst 3000 Layer 2 features, including hot standby protocols
Layer 3 Static IP routing supportSupport for SVI Enterprise access Layer 3RIP, EIGRP stub, OSPF for routed access, PBR, IPv4 & IPv6 EIGRP stub routing, WCCP, IPV6 uRPF, IPV6 PBR, VRRPv3, Policy Classification Engine, HSRP v6 Complete access Layer 3OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, IS‑IS


Multicast IGMP IPV4 & IPV6 PIM routing
Mobility Supports Cisco Unified Wireless Networking mobility architecture Supports Cisco Converged Access mobility architecture with CAPWAP termination at the access
Manageability Basic manageabilitySupport for a wide range of MIBs, IPSLA Responder, and RSPAN, PnP, Autoconf, Interface Templates, Secure CDP Enterprise access Layer 3, Flexible NetFlow for wired and wireless trafficEEM, GOLD-Lite, and Smart Install Director
Security Enterprise access securityDHCP Snooping, IPSG, DAI, PACLs, Cisco Identity 4.0, NAC and 802.1x features Complete access securityRouter and VLAN ACLs, private VLANs, complete identity and security; TrustSec SXP and IEEE 802.1AE capable in hardware, Device Sensor
QoS Enterprise access QoSIngress policing, Trust Boundary, AutoQoS, and DSCP mapping Complete access QoSSupport for all Cisco Catalyst 2000 and Cisco Catalyst 3000 QoS features, including per-VLAN policies
Application Experience Medianet (Perf Mon, Mediatrace, Metadata), mDNS
Interoperability Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1 Identity Services Engine (ISE 1.2/1.3), Mobility Services Engine (MSE 8.0), Improved WebUI


The Newest Cisco 3650 Model Comparison

You can notice that there are two more Cisco 3650 moles: WS-C3650-24PDM and WS-C3650-48FQM

Uplink Options of Cisco 3650 Series

Uplink Options


Uplink Options on the Cisco 3650 Series


4 x Gigabit Ethernet with Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) Uplinks

Models Total 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports Default AC Power Supply Available PoE Power
WS-C3650-24TS 24 250 WAC
WS-C3650-48TS 48 250 WAC
WS-C3650-24PS 24 PoE+ 640 WAC 390 W
WS-C3650-48PS 48 PoE+ 640 WAC 390 W
WS-C3650-48FS 48 PoE+ 1025 WAC 775 W

2 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet with SFP+ (or 4 x Gigabit Ethernet with SFP) Uplinks

Models Total 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports Default AC Power Supply Available PoE Power

24 250 WAC
WS-C3650-48TD 48 250 WAC
WS-C3650-24PD 24 PoE+ 640 WAC 390 W
WS-C3650-24PDM 24 PoE+ Fixed 640 WAC 390W
WS-C3650-48PD 48 PoE+ 640 WAC 390 W
WS-C3650-48FD 48 PoE+ 1025 WAC 775 W

4 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet with SFP+ (or 4 x Gigabit Ethernet with SFP) Uplinks

Models Total 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports Default AC Power Supply Available PoE Power

48 250 WAC
WS-C3650-48PQ 48 PoE+ 640 WAC 390 W
WS-C3650-48FQM 48 PoE+ Fixed 975 WAC 775 W
WS-C3650-48FQ 48 PoE+ 1025 WAC 775 W

More the latest updated information of Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series Switches, such as License and Warranty, Stacking, Power Supplies and PoE Support, Cisco IOS-XE Software and mobility you can read here…

More Tips: All the Cisco 3650 models can be purchased with LAN Base, IP Base, or IP Services software. Customers need to purchase the IP Base or the IP Services software-enabled models in order to use the Catalyst 3650 Series Switch as a wireless controller.


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