Why Migrate to the Cisco Catalyst 6800 Series Switches?

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The Catalyst 6800 Series Switches-Enterprise backbone of the digital organization
There are 4 main models of Catalyst 6800 Series Switches

Choose from 4 different chassis: Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Switch, Cisco Catalyst 6840-X Switch, Cisco Catalyst 6807-XL Switch, Cisco Catalyst 6800ia Switch

  • Simple: The Catalyst 6800 is powered by Smart Operations and Catalyst Instant Access. It extends backbone features to the access layer to simplify configuration and management.
  • Smart: Integrated service modules support wireless, network analysis, automate operations, and pervasive security. Virtual Switching System supports resiliency and high availability.
  • Secure: Catalyst 6800 switches are protected by Cisco TrustSec and IOS Flexible NetFlow for secure, scalable, dynamic, role-based access control and network visibility.
  • Scalable: 6800 Series Switches are optimized for secure 1-10 Gb services. They offer a switching capacity of up to 11.4 Tb.
Benefits of Migrating to Cisco Catalyst 6800 Switch

Why migrate to the Cisco Catalyst 6800 Series switches? These powerful campus switches are the backbone of the digital enterprise. Integrated service modules support wireless, network analysis, and pervasive security. Highly scalable, 6800 Series Switches are optimized for secure 1-10 Gb services and offer a switching capacity of up to 11.4 Tb. Improvements over previous generations include:

  • Better customer and employee experiences with deeper visibility into network usage by applications to manage the network effectively
  • Advanced security to handle increasing threats
  • Reduced cost and complexity through support for software defined networking (SDN) and Catalyst Instant Access for easy network management

Without the right switching solutions—the applications, services, and devices you deploy cannot live up to their potential. Digital transformation makes having the right foundation to stay competitive more important than ever before. See the benefits you could be receiving now by comparing the Cisco Catalyst 6800 Series to older switches (see table below).

Compare and see what you’ve been missing. Aging switches were not designed to handle today’s digital challenges.

Get an up-to-date switching solution with the Cisco Catalyst 6800.
Cisco Catalyst 3850 offers higher AP support, modular uplinks and StackPower in addition to Cisco Catalyst 3650 features.
  • 1 NBAR – Network Based Application Recognition
  • 2 SGT – Security Group Tagging
  • 3 SG ACL – Security Group Access Control List
  • 4 SXP – SGT Exchange Protocol

Reference from https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/products/collateral/switches/catalyst-6800-series-switches/feature-comparison-c83-731064.pdf

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