The Huawei 3rd Generation AR, Leads in the Multi-service Era

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Huawei’s next-generation AR G3 routers are designed with the unique requirements of the Enterprise in mind.

Based on Huawei’s proprietary Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), the AR G3 series integrates routing, switching, 3G, WLAN, voice, and security functions in one device, delivered via a multi-core CPU architecture coupled with a non-blocking switching infrastructure.

AR G3 targets to government, bank, energy, transportation, enterprise, carrier, SMB.

Why Huawei AR G3?
  • High starting point, good compatibility, strong convergence potential
AR G3, “3-2-1” leading industry
  • 3: The 3rd generation architecture, twice the performance of Cisco
  • 2: Dual-mode network, flexible access
  • 1: All-in-One, open platform

Typical Applications

Voice Gateway, Broadband/Leased Line, 3G/LTE Wireless Backup, One-stop GE Access, Value-Added Service Platform

AR G3 Routers Portfolio

AR G3 series enterprise routers mainly consist of AR3200, AR2200, AR1200, AR120/150/160/200 Series Enterprise Routers (AR200, end of 2011), to provide a unified network platform for data, voice, video, security.

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AR G3 Scenarios Overall

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Which Markets to Sell?

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