Cisco 25G Transceivers for Next Generation Switches

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Cisco introduced the new SFP-25G-SR-S transceiver for Data Center and Enterprise applications.

This new transceiver facilitates the migration from 10G to the 25G higher data rate by reducing the dollars per Gbps and enabling the reutilization of fiber infrastructure.

Cisco’s 25G transceivers and cables enable 25 Gigabit Ethernet over a Fiber or Copper Cable for next generation switch and server applications.

Optimal choices for next generation 25 Gigabit Ethernet applications
25G Direct Attached Cables (DAC)

25G DAC provide the lowest cost fixed length 1 to 5 meter interconnect in data center “Top of Rack” consolidation applications where high-performance servers are increasing application density on virtualized servers using 25G Sever Adapters driving network capacity demands to levels previously unimagined using Twin-AX passive copper Ethernet technology.

Cisco 25G DAC, AOC and SR-S Transceiver

Top of Rack

25G Server Adapters

25G Active Optical Cables (AOC)

25G AOC provides a cost effect solution for those same data center applications that require longer distance fixed length 1 to 10 meter interconnect using active optical Ethernet technology.

25G-SR-S Transceivers

25G-SR-S transceiver are an ideal solution for those same data center applications that require up 100 meters over OM4 fiber or 70 meters over OM3 fiber interconnect using optical (Multi Mode Fiber) MMF Ethernet technology. 25G-SR-S transceivers can also be used in conjunction with 100G-SR4-S break-out configurations.

25G-SR-S in Breakout configuration

Additional 25G-SR-S also provides an ideal solution for many enterprise campus backbones where the distances are less than 100 meters for OM4 fiber or 70 meters for OM3 fiber.

Campus Backbone

Cisco 25G Transceivers
The following Table shows the complete set of 25G transceiver PIDs currently available from Cisco.
Data Rate Protocol Media Reach Temp. Range PID
25G Ethernet Copper (DAC) 1m Commercial SFP-H25G-CU1M
25G Ethernet Copper (DAC) 2m Commercial SFP-H25G-CU2M
25G Ethernet Copper (DAC) 3m Commercial SFP-H25G-CU3M
25G Ethernet Copper (DAC) 5m Commercial SFP-H25G-CU5M
25G Ethernet MMF (Duplex fiber) 100m on OM4
70m on OM3
Commercial SFP-25G-SR-S
25G Ethernet Optical (AOC) 1m Commercial SFP-25G-AOC1M
25G Ethernet Optical (AOC) 2m Commercial SFP-25G-AOC2M
25G Ethernet Optical (AOC) 3m Commercial SFP-25G-AOC3M
25G Ethernet Optical (AOC) 5m Commercial SFP-25G-AOC5M
25G Ethernet Optical (AOC) 7m Commercial SFP-25G-AOC7M
25G Ethernet Optical (AOC) 10m Commercial SFP-25G-AOC10M

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