Cisco IE 3000 Series Switches-Ordering Guide

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Following are common product highlights of the modular Cisco IE 3000 Series Switches.

  • Two GE combination uplinks and 4- or 8-port 100BASE-T copper module
  • Compact Flash card is shipped with unit as flash memory (required for operation)
  • Various expansion modules for SFP, PoE, Optical Fiber and copper up to 8 PoE/PoE+
  • Layer 2 LAN Base or Layer 3 IP Service Cisco IOS options (separate Cisco IOS images)
  • Profinet and CIP Ethernet/IP support (MRP ring not supported)
  • Support Cisco REP ring

Product Operating Temperature Ranges

  • -40°C to +70°C (vented enclosure operating)
  • -40°C to +60°C (sealed enclosure operating)
  • -34°C to +74°C (fan- or blower-equipped enclosure operating)

Product Dimension (Height x Width x Depth)

  • IE-3000-4/8TC 147 mm x 152 mm x 112 mm
  • Expansion module 147 mm x 89 mm x 112 mm

Figure1 presents IE 3000 SFP modules expansion options, Figure2 present the PoE Module Overview while Table1 lists the available IE3000 PIDs

Figure1. Cisco IE 3000 Series Switches SFP Modular Overview

Figure2. Cisco IE 3000 Series Switches PoE Module Overview

Table1. Cisco IE 3000 Series Switches with Expansion Modules (Power Supply Not Included)
IE-3000-4TC Base switch: 4 10/100 copper and 2 combo GE uplinks, LAN base


IE-3000-4TC-E Base switch w/L3: 4 10/100 copper and 2 combo GE uplinks, L3 IP Service


IE-3000-8TC Base switch: 8 10/100 copper and 2 combo GE uplinks


IE-3000-8TC-E Base switch w/L3: 8 10/100 copper and 2 combo GE uplinks


IEM-3000-8TM= Expansion copper module, 8 10/100 TX ports


IEM-3000-8FM= Expansion FX fiber module, 8 100FX ports


IEM-3000-4SM= Expansion SFP module, 4 100MB SFP (min 15.0(2)EY2)


IEM-3000-8SM= Expansion SFP module, 8 100MB SFP (min 15.0(2)EY2)


IEM-3000-4PC= Expansion PoE module, 4 100MB PoE/PoE+ (min IOS: 15.0(2)EY2)


IEM-3000-4PC-4TC= Expansion PoE module, 4 PoE/PoE+ & 4 copper FE, min IOS: (15.0(2)EY2)


SIESISK9T-12252SE= LAN Base to IP Service upgrade


Following are considerations to order IE3000 switches:

  • Modular form factor
  • Unsure future port density requirement, allow to expend
  • External 24V DC power supply is optional
  • Up to 4 PoE or 4 PoE+ ports; option of one 170w external power supply for both system and PoE or two PSUs with one 50W for the switch and 65W for PoE/PoE+
  • Compact Flash card is shipped with IE 3000 unit as flash memory required for startup
  • Two separate Cisco IOS images: LAN Base and IPService
  • External power supply is required; please refer to Section 10 for available options

Data Sheet Download: Cisco Industrial Ethernet 3000 Layer 2/Layer 3 Series Switches Data Sheet

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