Huawei Wireless vs. Cisco Wireless

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Nowadays, wireless environment is more popular than 10 years ago. Wireless products are deployed everywhere, such as shopping mall, enterprise office, subway, home, etc.

Now, if you want to deploy a wireless network at your place, which brand of wireless products will you choose? Huawei? Cisco?

Both of Huawei and Cisco are the famous networking companies in the world. They provide various series of wireless.

In this post, let’s compare Huawei wireless and Cisco wireless.

Cisco Wireless

With access points and wireless controllers that support the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard, Cisco provides an intent-based architecture to meet customer expectations and scale for growing business demand.

Table 1. Cisco Wireless Products family.

Cisco Wireless Products
802.11ac Wave 2 Aironet Indoor Access Points Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Catalyst Indoor Access Points
Aironet 4800 access points

Aironet 3800 Series

Aironet 2800 Series

Aironet 1810 Access Point

Aironet 1810W Access Point

Aironet 1815 Access Point

Aironet 1830 Access Point

Aironet 1840 Access Points

Aironet 1850 Access Point

Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Point
Outdoor and Industrial Access Points
Aironet 1560 Series

Aironet 1570 Series

Aironet 1552 Access Point

Wireless Controller Products
Catalyst 9800-40

Catalyst 9800-80

Huawei Wireless

Huawei Wireless products are compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax standards to establish high-speed, secure, and reliable wireless network connections for indoor and outdoor applications.

Table 2. Huawei Wireless Products family.

Type Series Models
Indoor Access Points AP7000 Series AP7050DE Access Point
AP6000 Series AP6050DN Access Point
AP5000 Series AP5030DN & AP5130DN Access Points
AP4000 Series AP4051TN Access Point
AP4050DN-HD Access Point
AP4050DN-E Access Point
AP4050DN Access Point
AP2000 Series AP2050DN Access Point
AP2030DN Wall Plate Access Point
AP2010DN Wall Plate Access Point
Outdoor Access Points AP8000 series AP8050DN & AP8150DN Access Points
AP8030DN & AP8130DN Access Points
Access Controllers Controllers & Switches AC6805 Access Controller
AC6508 Access Controller
AC6005 Access Controller
AC6003 Access Controller
S5730-HI Series Switches
S5720-HI Series Agile Fixed Switches

Compare Cisco and Huawei now!

Table 3 Huawei wireless products vs. Cisco wireless products.

Cisco Wireless Huawei Wireless
Cisco 1041N Huawei AP5010SN
Cisco 1042N Huawei AP5010DN
Cisco 1141N Huawei AP5010SN
Cisco 1142N Huawei AP5010DN
Cisco 1261N Huawei AP6010SN
Cisco 1262N Huawei AP6010DN
Cisco 1530E Huawei AP6510DN
Cisco 1530I Huawei AP8030DN
Cisco 1542D Huawei AP8050DN, AP8150DN
Cisco 1542I Huawei AP8050DN, AP8150DN
Cisco 1552E Huawei AP6510DN & AP6610DN
Cisco 1552E Huawei AP6510DN, AP6610DN
Cisco 1552H Huawei AP6510DN & AP6610DN
Cisco 1552H Huawei AP6510DN, AP6610DN
Cisco 1552I Huawei AP8030DN
Cisco 1562D Huawei AP8050DN, AP8150DN
Cisco 1562E Huawei AP8050DN, AP8150DN
Cisco 1562I Huawei AP8050DN, AP8150DN
Cisco 1572EAC Huawei AP8130DN
Cisco 1572EC Huawei AP8130DN
Cisco 1572IC Huawei AP8030DN
Cisco 1602E Huawei AP6010DN
Cisco 1602I Huawei AP6010DN
Cisco 1700 Huawei AP4030DN
Cisco 1810W Huawei AP2050DN-E
Cisco 1815I Huawei AP4050DN
Cisco 1815M Huawei AP4050DN
Cisco 1815T Huawei AP2050DN-E
Cisco 1815W Huawei AP2050DN-E
Cisco 1830I Huawei AP4051DN, AP4151DN
Cisco 1850E Huawei AP6150DN
Cisco 1850I Huawei AP6050DN
Cisco 2602E Huawei AP5030DN&AP5130DN
Cisco 2602E Huawei AP5030DNAP5130DN
Cisco 2602I Huawei AP5030DN&AP5130DN
Cisco 2602I Huawei AP5030DNAP5130DN
Cisco 2702E Huawei AP5130DN
Cisco 2702I Huawei AP5030DN
Cisco 2802I Huawei AP6052DN
Cisco 3501E Huawei AP6010SN
Cisco 3501I Huawei AP6010SN
Cisco 3501E Huawei AP6010DN
Cisco 3501I Huawei AP6010DN
Cisco 3502P Huawei AP6010DN
Cisco 3602E Huawei AP5030DN&AP5130DN
Cisco 3602E Huawei AP5030DNAP5130DN
Cisco 3602I Huawei AP5030DN&AP5130DN
Cisco 3602I Huawei AP5030DNAP5130DN
Cisco 3602P Huawei AP5030DN&AP5130DN
Cisco 3602P Huawei AP5030DNAP5130DN
Cisco 3650 Huawei S5720-32C-HI
Cisco 3702E Huawei AP7030DE
Cisco 3702I Huawei AP7030DE
Cisco 3702P Huawei AP7030DE
Cisco 3802E Huawei AP7152DN
Cisco 3802I Huawei AP7052DN
Cisco 3802P Huawei AP7152DN
Cisco 3850 Huawei S5720-56C-HI
Cisco 5520 Huawei AC6605
Cisco 5760 Huawei AC6605
Cisco 600 Huawei AP3010DN
Cisco 6500+WiSM2 Huawei ACU2
Cisco 700 Huawei AP5010DN
Cisco 700W Huawei AP2030DN
Cisco 8510 Huawei AC6605
Cisco 8540 Huawei AC6605
Cisco CT2504 Huawei AC6005
Cisco CT3504 Huawei AC6005
Cisco CT5508 Huawei AC6605
Cisco Catalyst 9800-40 Huawei AirEngine 9700-M
Cisco Flex 7500 Huawei AC6605
Cisco IW3702 Huawei AP9131DN&AP9132DN
Cisco IW3702 Huawei AP9131DN, AP9132DN
Cisco OEAP1810 Huawei AP2050DN-E
Cisco Virtual controller Huawei AC6005

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