Cisco 900 Series ISRs-Chassis Views, Power Supply and Specs

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In the previous two articles, we introduced The New Cisco’s SOHO Routers-ISR 900, and The Cisco 900 Series ISR Migration.

In this article, we’d like to describe the views of Chassis, LED Indicators, Power Supply, and Specs of Cisco 900 Series ISR.

Chassis Views

This section contains front and back panel views of the Cisco 900 Series ISR-showing locations of the power and signal interfaces, interface slots, status indicators, and chassis identification labels.

LED Indicators

The following figures and table summarize the LED indicators that are located in the bezel or chassis of the 900 series.

Table2. LED Indicators for Cisco ISR 900 Series Routers
Port LED Color Description
SYS OFF System is off
Blink Boot up phase or in ROM Monitor mode
Steady on Normal operation
Amber(steady) Thermal trip
Amber(blink) ROMMON code signing verification failure
VPN OK Green At least one VPN session is active
OFF VPN not connected
LAN Green(Solid) LAN connection is established.
Green (Blinking) Data transmission is happening on the link.
OFF LAN is not connected
WAN Green(Solid) WAN link is established
Green (Blinking) Data transmission is happening on the link.
OFF WAN link is not connected.
Power Supply

The product power specifications for external power supply units are as follows:

  • AC input voltage: Universal 100 to 240 VAC
  • Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
  • Maximum output power: 18W or 30W depending on the SKU
  • Output voltage: +12VDC for system power

For specifications on the Cisco 900 Series ISRs, refer to the Cisco 900 series Specifications document.

Periodic Inspection and Cleaning

We recommend to periodically inspect and clean the external surface of the router to minimize the negative impact from environmental dust or debris. The frequency of inspection and cleaning is dependent upon the severity of the environmental conditions, but we recommend a minimum once in every six months. Cleaning involves vacuuming router air intake and exhaust vents.

Note: Sites with ambient temperatures consistently above 25°C and with potentially high levels of dust or debris might require periodic preventative maintenance cleaning.

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