What is the 5G CPE?

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Recently, we found the Huawei 5G CPE router is popular in the market, but do you know what the 5G CPE is? Is it only a word that Huawei created?

Actually, before we study the 5G CPE, we should know what the CPE is.

huawei cpe

CPE, is called Customer Premise Equipment, and it is called “Customer Terminal Equipment” in the industry.

What does CPE do?

Everyone knows that when we use Wi-Fi, if the distance is relatively long, or there are many rooms, the blind spots of signals will easily occur. In these blind spots, mobile phones or iPads cannot receive Wi-Fi signals.

So we will take some measures to increase the relay in order to solve the problem.

For example, add a router.

wifi router

However, this still depends on the network cable. What if there is no network cable near that corner? At this time, wireless relay can be used.

wifi router-1

In other words, the Wi-Fi signal is reinforced twice.

The secondary router receives the signal from the primary router and then issues its own Wi-Fi signal. Most routers now support such functions. And our CPE is such a specialized stuff, it can repeat the Wi-Fi signal to extend Wi-Fi coverage.


If CPE only strengthens the Wi-Fi signal, it is not interesting, after all, Wi-Fi routers can also do it.

What’s really powerful about it is that it can relay mobile phone signals (such as 4G signals). After the relay, a Wi-Fi signal is issued. For a base station, it’s a mobile phone.

base station

You got it? It turns the received 4G signal into a Wi-Fi signal and provides it to nearby devices for use. Sometimes you also use your mobile phone as a hotspot to share Internet access to the people around you, right?

What benefit dose the CPE provide?

The advantages of using CPE for secondary relay of operator network signals are very obvious:

First of all, CPE is a big guy after all, the antenna gain is stronger, the power is higher, and its signal transmitting and receiving capabilities are more powerful than mobile phones. Therefore, in some places, the mobile phone does not have a signal, and it may have a signal.

Secondly, it can turn the operator’s network signal into a Wi-Fi signal, so that you can access more devices. Mobile phones, iPads, and laptop computers all have Wi-Fi capabilities, and all can use the CPE to access the Internet.

You know, the iPad / laptop with 4G card function is much more expensive than the one without 4G card function.

In addition, CPE is also divided into indoor models (emission power 500-1000mW) and outdoor models (emissions up to 2000mW), which can adapt to more severe environments,

In summary, CPE is such an interesting stuff.

What is the 5G CPE?

5G CPE changes 4G / 5G to WIFI hotspot. WIFI devices can be converted through 5G CPE to access 4G / 5G network.

5G base station

If you go further, the WIFI hotspot, including the internal data processing and transmission of the CPE, is divided into two completely independent channels. The internal network channel carries WIFI, is managed by the user, and is authenticated by the account password. The external network channel is controlled and controlled by the operator. Two-way authentication, remote monitoring, encrypted transmission, dynamic passwords, strict isolation measures on software and some hardware, to achieve carrier-class security standards, to achieve complete isolation from inside and outside WIFI, external network channels authenticate users through SIM cards, all of the operators Users can access the CPE through the external network to access the 4G / 5G network through the CPE to achieve carrier-class security and achieve standby Internet calls through the external network channel, which is no different from accessing the network through the operator’s base station.

5G CPE can be upgraded to a small base station, with both WIFI LAN and small base station functions. A good signal at the window and a bad indoor signal. Install a 5G CPE small base station by the window and connect to the power supply (or bring your own power supply).

It can access 4G and 5G networks through the external network of the CPE. The phone charges, SMS charges, and data charges generated by the CPE are included in the number corresponding to the SIM card of the mobile phone, and are not included in the CPE device. Nearby WIFI equipment without SIM card, computer tablet (basically all with WIFI), without WIFI can buy a USB interface WIFI card, access 4G / 5G network via WIFI internal network, traffic charges are generated Enter the number corresponding to the SIM card of the CPE.

5G CPE small base stations can be carried at any time, no matter where they go, as long as there are 4G / 5G signals by the window, indoor mobile phones and other terminal equipment with SIM and WIFI can call the Internet on standby, solving the problem of indoor blind spots. WIFI devices without a SIM card can also pass through the intranet.

zte 5g cpe

Nowadays, the 5G pace is getting closer, and 5G experimental bureaus are under construction in many places across the country, and 5G mobile phones have not yet been released. In this case, engineers can test 5G networks through 5G CPE.

In the future, we will also see more and more 5G CPE, and even buy it and put it in the home or office. Through it, we can more conveniently use 5G networks and enjoy the extremely fast network experience brought by 5G.

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