Huawei Switches Replacement List: S5720-HI Series and S6720-SI&EI Series

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High-performance cloud switches from the Huawei CloudEngine (CE) series are created for cutting-edge campus networks and next-generation data centers. As technology has developed, Huawei has introduced some products to replace its earlier lines. Today, we’ll share with you the replacement list for Huawei S5720-HI Series and S6720-SI&EI Series.

Huawei S5720-HI Series Switches

The advanced Gigabit Ethernet switches of the Huawei S5720-HI series offer a wealth of flexible capabilities. To perform software definition and service modification on demand, the switches are built on the Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP). The switches offer the ubiquitous service function to guarantee a consistent user experience, with services and network convergence at the core. The entire network is virtualized into a single device using the Super Virtual Fabric (SVF) capability.


The switches also provide adaptable Ethernet networking, thorough VPN tunnel solutions, a range of security control techniques, intelligent deployment, and straightforward operation and maintenance. For high-quality large- and middle-sized campus networks, the core layer of small-campus networks, and the access layer of data center networks, the S5720-HI switches are the best options.

Model Replacement
S5720-56C-PWR-HI-AC S5730-68C-PWH-HI
S5720-56C-PWR-HI-AC1 S5730-68C-PWH-HI
S5720-56C-HI-AC S5730-68C-HI
S5720-32C-HI-24S-AC S5730-36C-HI-24S

Huawei S6720-SI Series Switches

Next-generation multigigabit 10GE fixed switches from the Huawei S6720-SI series are switches that Huawei created. The S6720-SI can act as access/aggregation switches on a campus network, as well as high-speed wireless access and access for 10GE servers in data centers.

With line-rate multigigabit 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G access ports and 40GE uplink ports, the S6720-SI is one of the multigigabit fixed switches with the best performance in the market. It can be utilized as a core/aggregation switch on a campus network to provide a 40 Gbit/s rate, as well as high-speed access for APs and 10 Gbit/s access to high-density servers. To assist clients in creating scalable, manageable, dependable, and secure campus and data center networks, S6720-SI also offers a wide range of services, thorough security policies, and numerous QoS features.

Model Replacement
S6720-52X-PWH-SI S5732-H24UM2CC
S6720-56C-PWH-SI S5732-H48UM2CC
S6720-32C-PWH-SI S5732-H48UM2CC

Huawei S6720-EI Series Switches

The next-generation 10GE fixed switches belong to the Huawei S6720-EI family. The S6720-EI can be used as a core/aggregation switch on a campus network or as an access switch in an Internet data center (IDC).


The S6720-EI has line-speed 10GE access ports and 40GE uplink ports in addition to having performance that leads the market. It can be utilized as a core switch on a campus network to enable 10 Gbit/s traffic aggregation or in a data center to provide 10 Gbit/s access to servers. Additionally, the S6720-EI offers a wide range of services, thorough security guidelines, and different QoS features to assist clients in creating scalable, manageable, trustworthy, and secure data center networks.

Model Replacement
S6720S-26Q-EI-24S-AC S6730S-H24X6C-A
S6720-30C-EI-24S-DC S6730-H24X6C
S6720-30C-EI-24S-AC S6730-H24X6C
S6720-54C-EI-48S-DC S6730-H48X6C
S6720-54C-EI-48S-AC S6730-H48X6C

Huawei S6730-H Series Switches

The new generation of fixed switches from Huawei, the CloudEngine S6730-H series full-featured 10GE routing switches, include 10GE downlink ports and 100GE uplink ports.

Switches in the CloudEngine S6730-H series can control 1,000 APs and include native AC capabilities. They are capable of implementing network virtualization and offer a free mobility feature to guarantee a constant user experience. In-built security probes, aberrant traffic detection, Encrypted Communications Analytics (ECA), and network-wide threat deception are also features of the CloudEngine S6730-H series switches. Enterprise campuses, carriers, higher education institutions, and governments all benefit greatly from the CloudEngine S6730-H series.

S6730-H24X6C VS. S6730-H48X6C

Switch Model CloudEngine S6730-H24X6C CloudEngine S6730-H48X6C
Fixed ports 24 x 10 Gig SFP+, 6 x 40/100 Gig QSFP28 48 x 10 Gig SFP+, 6 x 40/100 Gig QSFP28
Type Fixed-port Fixed-port
Switching Capacity /Gbps 1.68Tbps/2.4Tbps 2.16Tbps/2.4Tbps
Forwarding Capacity /Mpps 490 490
GE Optical Port Density 24 48
10GE Optical Port Density 24 48
100GE Port Density 6 6
MAC Capacity 384K 384K
ARP Capacity 140K 140K
IPv4 FIB Capacity 256K 256K
IPv6 FIB Capacity 80K 80K

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