Huawei Switches Vs. Juniper Switches

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We all know that Cisco may be the leader of networking hardware manufacturers. Cisco switches also are good-quality and powerful. However, the price of Cisco switches is not the lowest. So we can choose some good-quality but cost-less switches, such as Huawei switch, Juniper switch, etc.

Select Huawei or Juniper?

Let’s read this comparison chart of Huawei switches and Juniper switches.

Brand Huawei Switches Juniper Switches
Support new capabilities without major upgrades

Avoid major upgrades by leveraging existing access points, controllers, and switches without performance impact.

No current support for modular access points that support location based analytics and beacons/BLE. Only the AP4050DN has some modularity for IoT use cases. No wireless platforms, and switching platforms are based on merchant silicon.
Improve experience for Apple users Promote a better user experience for business-relevant applications on all Apple devices. Functionality can be supported only through manual QoS prioritization. No
High availability Support redundancy for business resiliency. Huawei claims ISSU on some of its switches. No
Power resiliency for IoT and other devices Get an always-on environment for IoT and other devices that are powered by PoE, even when the switch reboots. Huawei supports PoE and PoE+ PoH (95W) on a single S5700 platform. Power redundancy is 1:1 PoH (power over HDMI) (95W) on a single S5700 platform. Juniper switches support PoE.
Services for switching
Depth Huawei has a range of differentiated planning, design, and implementation services, but no clear or extensive messaging related to switching services. Network Life-Cycle Services feature advisory, custom implementation, testing, onsite technical, remote operational, maintenance, remote managed, education, and certification services for switching support. Juniper recently acquired Mist Systems for Wi-Fi and indoor location services, which supports 802.11axready cognitive Wi-Fi switches.
Level of network expertise for ease of adoption and deployment Huawei offers several downloadable Quick Guides, including Quick Start, Configuration, Maintenance, and Upgrade guides. Juniper offers an Enterprise Switching QuickStart program to help ensure a customer solution is operational. An onsite consultant develops the initial configuration and deployment of a switching environment. A knowledge transfer session, including a review of local implementation and configuration options, is available but is not intended as a substitute for training.
Security Network Security Design Service leverages a continuously updated database and six management and control technologies to provide designs for access security, transmission security, data security, access behavior control, and audit compliance. The network is properly divided into several security domains, based on customers’ business and network-security protection requirements. Advisory security services include a Security Intelligence Readiness Evaluation, which provides information that helps thwart cyber attacks. It assesses site design and architecture for potential vulnerabilities, while preparing a summary of the assessment and recommendations.

Recommended Hot Switches

Both of Huawei and Juniper provide hot series, the Huawei S5700 series and Juniper EX series.

Huawei S5700 Series is designed to meet various requirements of campus networks by providing these main platforms:

1.The S5700-LI Series supports downlink CSFP ports, providing 2 Gbit/s bi-directional bandwidths.

Starting at $247.00.

2.The S5700-SI Series, act as an access device on a large-sized or medium-sized enterprise network or an aggregation device on a small-sized campus network.

Starting at $545.00.

3.The S5700-EI Series provides Gigabit downstream ports and 10 Gbit/s upstream service ports configurable for different port densities.

Starting at $1,266.00.

4,The S5700-HI Series offers 40 Gbit/s upstream ports configurable to 10 Gbit/s for flexible networking.

Starting at $2,678.00.

5.The S5720-LI Series provides flexible GE access ports and 10 GE uplink ports.

Starting at $214.00.

6.The S5720-SI Series can deliver 336 Gbit/s switching capacity.

Starting at $358.00.

7.The S5720-EI Series can deliver 598 Gbit/s switching capacity.

Starting at $628.00.

8.The S5720-HI Series can deliver up to 192 Mpps forwarding performance.

Starting at $2,998.00.

9.The S5730-SI Series can can provide 40 GE uplink ports with an interface card.

Starting at $1,133.00.

10.The S5730-HI Series can provide fixed full gigabit access and 10 GE uplink interfaces as well as one or two slots for uplink interface extension.

Starting at $1,422.00.

Juniper switches improve the economics of networking with cloud-grade, high-density Ethernet switching across your data center, campus, and branch. Here lists the EX4300 series, EX2300 series, and EX4600 series.

1.Juniper EX2300 Series Ethernet Switches, Starting at $496.00

Juniper EX2300 Ethernet Switch delivers a compact, high-density, cost-effective solution for small network environments where space and power are at a premium.

2.Juniper EX3400 Series Ethernet Switches, Starting at $1,068.00

Featuring models offering either 24 or 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, the Juniper EX3400 switches also support IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) or 802.3at PoE+ for powering networked telephones, video cameras, wireless LAN access points, and other IP devices. Four front-panel dual-mode (GbE/10GbE) small form-factor pluggable transceiver (SFP/SFP+) uplink ports and two 40GbE quad SFP+ (QSFP+) ports are also available for connecting the switches to upstream devices.

3.Juniper EX4300 Series Ethernet Switches, Starting at $1,630.00

Juniper Networks® EX4300 line of Ethernet switches with Virtual Chassis technology combines the carrier-class reliability of modular systems with the economics and flexibility of stackable platforms, delivering a high-performance, scalable solution for data center, campus, and branch office environments.

4.Juniper EX4600 Series Ethernet Switches, Starting at $4,913.00

Designed to help organizations grow into higher density campuses, the Juniper EX4600 provides deployment flexibility, high availability using unified in-service software upgrades (unified ISSU), and management simplification with support for multi-chassis link aggregation (MC-LAG).

As Huawei and Juniper provide good-quality and cost-less switches, we can consider to choose these two brands.

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