How to Master H3C Device Switch Commands: A Comprehensive Guide

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VLAN configuration

Create VLAN and enter VLAN view

Add the specified port to the current VLAN

Configure the link type of the port as Trunk type

Allow the specified VLAN to pass through the current Trunk port

Set the default VLAN for the trunk port

Configure the link type of the port as Hybrid

View the VLANs that exist on the current switch

View the ports contained in a specific VLAN

View the VLAN information of a specific port

Enable device STP feature

Disable the STP feature of the port

Configure the working mode of STP

Configure the priority of the current device

View the global status of the STP protocol

View brief information of the STP protocol (role and status of each port)

802.1X basic configuration
Enable the 802.1X feature of the port

Add local access users and set related parameters

View 802.1X information

Link Aggregation Configuration
Create an aggregation port

Add Ethernet ports to aggregation group

View link aggregation status information

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